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Lasha 485 Total

Every time Lasha lifts it looks effortless. And then he looks so tired walking off the stage. Does he have some type of deal with the devil where he gets unlimited energy during the lift and then it has to be paid back afterwards?

He’s lifting well within his limits, and it will probably continue as long a no one pushes him or it not his last competition. It’s winning, not the numbers.

Yup. He seems to care far more about winning than records. Although he didn’t have to take his last C and J, but he did and he took exactly what he needed to set the record.

A lot of countries pay per set record. If he only breaks the record by a kilo, he can set them more often. So… he’s got at least 10 more kilos. Who knows, maybe 20.

The Soviets were known for that during the day, which is why Alexyeev lifted well within himself, often breaking the WR by a half kilo on his second attempt and passing his third.

Lasha just bought a Mercedes G-Wagon, so…

If anyone’s paying attention to YouTube, he hit 225/270 in training. Unless something drastic happens he’s getting 500. I think he’d have already done it if there was anyone to push him.