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Lasers Pointed at Airplanes

This is from Sgtstryker.com

"Lasers are not being used to blind pilots. Lasers are being used to measure straight line distance from the ground to an aircraft aircraft at its most vulnerable state - landing. An aircraft on takeoff would be a more difficult target - maximum power and maximum climb. But a landing ship slows down to a speed just short of a stall and follows a prescribed path of flight .

The information regarding an aircraft?s peak vulnerability would be invaluable. Documenting landing approaches and and straight line distances would be highly useful in target acquisition. That information is critical regarding available weapons systems. . . .

The laser activity is more than likely a target acquisition exercise.

And people are taking notes.

There are too many cities and too many locations reporting laser incidents. In my view, they are calculating maximum ranges, with no intent to blind the crew."

This is a summary of a longer post.

Scary to think about…

You don’t need a laser to figure this information out. You don’t have to be in front of the aircraft to use a laser in this way.

Draw your own conclusions…

Sounds like as good of a conspiracy theory as any.

My only question, is why is the laser pointing inside the cabin of the craft? The cockpit windows on those aircraft are miniscule in size compared to the body of the aircraft.

Sounds more like someone playing on the fears of today.

Seems like shooting them into the cockpit or using them to measure distance…could spell trouble.

Let’s hope it turns out to be BS.

When I first read about this I assumed it was some sort of prank. However, since the addition of repeated events. I fear the worst. Also, wouldn’t you need some sophisticated equipment to aim a laser that high? Does rule out a prank?

vroom- when you say “in front” do you mean on the runway? if so, who suggested this scenario?

how is anyone to know that the lasers the pilots saw werent simply a few incidents where the laser happened to hit the cockpit. assuming that they aimed directly and deliberately for the cockpit is baseless.

but, if the above is true, then there may be an immense amount of this going on undetected.

Da Man,

Yeah, I mean that lasers don’t have to be used from “in front” of an object to measure the distance to it.

I also meant that trigonometry has been around for thousands of years – well before lasers were invented. Lasers aren’t needed to get the information described.

So, I don’t know exactly what is being done, if anything, but I doubt it would be for the purpose of plotting trajectories for an attack.

It could just be tracking practice. If I were to do something like that, I would definitely practice my targeting skills before launching a valuable piece of artillery. If they shoot without any practice they would be exposed, with the possibility of missing the target. Then we would be aware of a plot and they would be less one R.P.G. or whatever type of artillery is being used. That wouldn’t be too smart.


I’d be doubtful about that too. I mean, how hard can it be to sit in front of a huge object and track it as it comes toward you on a very smooth trajectory.

Also, if you were doing that, why have a laser giving away your activity, just look through a freaking scope.

The more of these theories I hear the less weight I’m likely to give to them. It seems to me that people are searching very hard to find as big a threat as possible from this.

[stupid/joke theory alert]
These laser sightings are being done by government agents to keep the populace afraid of attack…
[/stupid/joke theory alert]

My point is that I find some of the theories presented as silly as the one I wrote.


yeah, trig would be cake. I was just wondering toward whom your statement about positioning was to. I have yet to hear the crazy notion that somebody is actually on the runway with a laser…

Because with a scope you have a wide field of vision that may include a target but not necccesisarily be on that target. With a laser you can be sure that you are on target.
There are also laser guided systems that reqiure a spotter in one place and the shooter in another. The spotter tracks the target and the shooter fires,with the ordinance targeting the laser point.
I guess you are familiar with the trigonometric methods of indirect measurement, but have you ever fired a weapon? How about at a moving target? It isn’t as easy as it seems on paper.Don’t take this as a slam, but you don’t have a very offense oriented mind.