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Laser Hair Removal

I was considering going under the laser for some hair removal. Can people who have done this tell me about their experience with this kind of thing?

It hurts, it’s the equivalant of having someone poke you with a needle about 100+ times or someone snapping you with a rubber band. After treatment the stubble will remain for about 10-14 days and then it just falls out. It can last (the smoothness) anywhere from 3-6 months. It will take more than one treatment. I would say the average person it would take 4-6 treatments because it only kills the active hair follicles. The dormant hairs can grow months later and you have to do it again. It’s pretty pricey but I would say it’s worth it if you have the cash.

It’s a bit painful. Definitely similar to getting poked with needles or hit with a rubberband. And it took quite a few visits, but it worked great. I had some patches on my back and shoulders. Other than a few that have grown back (mostly lighter and thinner), I’m pretty happy overall. It isn’t cheap, but it is effective.

Great. If you are getting a particularily sensitive area done you can get numbing cream. It takes at least 3 treatments to get all the hair, and then you often still have a little there, but a LOT thinner. The best candidates have dark hair and pale skin, so avoid tanning before you go.

Where does someone find this “numbing cream”?

I get it perscribed by the woman who does the ‘zapping’…shit, i can’t think of the name of the stuff. even with insurance it runs about $35 for the big tube (get the most you can in each perscription) it’s a thinck white cream with lidocane - i think - in it, you spread it on and then cover it with plastic for 1-2 hours. leaves you comfortably numb.

Well, I’m sittin’ here with a hole (YES A HOLE) just below my lip the size of a large grape…1/4 inch deep…Hurts like hell and weaps blood and gooo all day long…Have some sort of repair gel on now…(I’M FUCKIN’ RAGING MAD)…Had to stay out of the sun all weekend…It’s been 6 days since I went through HELL…It is my 5th treatment on my face…Have patches of hair all over looks like shit(friend calls me SKANK)…Going to have a large scar on my face I think.I signed the release form so I don’t know if I have any legal rights or not…Don’t do it until the tech. is better…(changing my name to “SCARFACE” now) OUT

OH…It really hurts also…

Certain areas are painful enough to induce sweat and outdo anything I can remember for agony (eg chest and stomach). I have dark thick hair and light skin and it is growing back evenly, but considerably thinner, after 6 treatments. Im not sure it will all be gone after 10 treatments but I sure like being smooth for 8 weeks at a time and seeing the definition in my new bumps. It may be hard for a junkie on welfare to find the money for it though.

Does the hair stay away permanently after so many treatments?

Dre, what light are you using…ALTURUS??

You have not experienced pain until you have your ‘bikini line’ done and missed a spot with that numbing stuff. Let me tell you…

Scarface - what on earth did you have done??? i have NEVER had something like that from laser removal

Molsonman - yes, it's perminant after they get all the hair in the 'growth' phase. that can take a bunch of treatments. if you don't want to pay for a lot of sessions, even one can noticeably reduce growth.

Had my beard done!!Cry (eyes water) the entire time…Use numbing cream w/ plastic wrap…Bunrt the hell out of my face…I’ll keep ya posted (I wish I could print photos)…Not one person here would do it after seeing my face…

BURNED YOUR FACE??? go somewhere else!! holy shit! look, I had my…bikini line… done, no burns and no pain after about 24 hours. they screwed up. please trust me on this one, if i had no problems then your face should be ok. it sounds like they had the laser on way way way too high. they are supposed to start on low and work their way up if the low settings aren’t working. man, i feel for you.

Everyone keeps saying pricey…Anyone care to put a $$$ amount with it. For example, tell us what you had done and how much it cost.

Thanks in advance,


4 sessions on my face ran $800. Then the price drops per zap to 50%…Mine will be 6-7 sessions (if I go back) you do it every 4-6 weeks…Bring a belt to bite on…RESEARCH!!!

What kind of laser did you use…thank you in advance…

I’m going to trade ou training sessions with a doctor for some free treatment. I’m getting my chest and legs done. I’ll be getting it done July 26th. Hope this works out, or i’m going to be training till old age :slight_smile:

The laser is lightsheer. Its FDA approved for permananent hair reduction and is top class or one class down (there is info on the net). The anasthetic cream is immmola or something like that. On injuries, I got some darkened spots that are very slow to go and some burns (after I got a tan) that have left me with light spots that once before went (I think 100%) with more tanning. On price, in australia its $500 for chest and roughly $250 for an a4 sheet sized treatment. I get mine from a friend at around half price :).

Lightsheer laser, and I still don’t know the name of the cream, though it wsa a different one than Dre mentioned. It was $550 for 4 sessions on the bikini area.