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Laser Hair Removal

Anyone ever try laser hair removal so that they can show off their physiques without dealing with shaving on a daily basis? I am curious to hear about your experiences about it’s effectiveness. Also, what did it cost you and what body parts did you have done? I am thinking about having it done on my pecs and would like to hear the thoughts of others before moving forward. Thanks all.

Good question.

Can it be done on the face too (without traces)? I have a babyface and I shave it 5 days a week (the other 2 off to let the skin take a break).

Since I dont sport facial hair very well anyway, laser could be the solution, if possible.

I just had it done. It was excruciating…for real. Way worse than a tattoo. But worth it in my opinion. I did my entire chest, abs and back. How much did it cost? Free for me, buddy:-).

Seriously though, despite the pain, its really worth it. Shaving is a pain in the ass.

I fully recommend it…

I should do Laser Hair Removal on my ass, it would definitely be a lot easier wiping without getting dingleberries left and right.

I’m surprised I haven’t started growing dreadlocks down there.

3xKrazy: How did you get it for free? If it was a friend that hooked you up, do you think your friend would be able to offer me some sort of reduced price package to have it done? What laser did you use and how many treatments did you have?

Anyone else have it done?? Im sure there are others…what kind of laser did you use? How much did it cost and what body parts?

I am currently going through laser hair removal on my back. It cost me $4,000. The lady I go to told me it’s a year long process. Essentially I go exactly 8 weeks in between treatments. I just went Tueday for my third treatment. I seem to be responding well, with minimal regrowth. As far as pain I never experienced that much. Occasionally I would feel a slight stinging but nothing I would classify as horrible. However during my last treatment I think the doctor forgot to put the numbing cream on the back of my neck and that was a bit painfull. I even blistered a bit. It looks kinda bad on the right side of my back neck but I have never blistered anywhere else. I’m sure this will go away within a week as it already seems to be subsiding. Overall I would say it’s worth it - as long as the hair never grows back. Hope that helps.

The girl who cuts my hair told me it could be useful to use on earhear and nosehair before it starts to grow out of control (not the case, but 40 years down the road could be).

Wonder if the laser is that precise (for small areas)…me and cosmetic stuff are 2 galaxies apart…

I had it done. the numbing cream was my savior or I never would have gone back. I spent about $750 total and I am very happy with the results. I had 6 treatments, a set of 3 6 weeks apart and then another set of three about a year later.

I highly recommend a perscription of Emla - a topical numbing cream - if you are having any sensitive areas done.

Aorry soccergod,

A family member of mine is a dermatologist, therefore, it was on the house:-).

I wish i could give the gift of free laser to all my T-Mag bretheren, but its not her practice to be giving freebies or discounts- she could get in serious shit. She even had to keep my treatment on the DL…

3xkrazy - How do you like it? How much regrowth did you have after your first session? I know it is a weird question but what color skin do you have (white, olive, etc) and what color/tpye of hair did you have removed? Ive heard that black, coarse hair responds the best…What was the name of the laser you used? It seems like there are all these different types available. Please let me know…I like to be in the know before moving forward. Thanks

One of my Ex’s had it done, and since I was friends and had worked with the dermatologist before, I was able to sit in and assist for one of the treatments.

The process looks nothing out of the ordinary, but it can be tedious especially for the patient who has to endure treatment of every single follicle.

It didn’t look that painful initially, but man she was tender for the next few days. She had to use the Emla cream along with cold packs. There was no sex during that time as well which was incredibly frustrating.

Anyway, it seemed to work well for her. We were together another four or five months and I can’t remember any of the treated areas coming back.

Good times…
Good, good times…


I have a buddy that sells the lasers to do it and he is hooking me up. I have had two sessions on my back and it is painful where the hair is thicker. My neck hurts like a bitch and is all red after a treatment. I have a couple of more sessions left but I notice significantly less hair on my back now.

Be sure that you haven’t had much sun exposure or a deep tan before going, or you may end up with severe burns or white “pigmented” spots on your skin that won’t go away until you get tan again.

I’ve had it done and am still getting it done. I’m one of the few that isn’t responding as well. It should have been completely removed in 6-8 visits. But I’m way past that. Luckily, my visits are free now because I didn’t have total success in 6-8 visits. And my dermatologist is set on having it work. Yes, it’s a noticeable improvement, but it keeps coming back. Less and less each time, but it should have already been gone.

The darker your hair is and the lighter your skin is the more success you will have. Also, it can be done on almost every area of the body. Although, I think most will not venture toward the ass crack area. You better just stick to one of those brazilian-type waxes for that. Can you say, “Duece Bigalow?”

My aunt is a nurse practitioner with a frickin LASER in her office. She did her son’s neck and her daughter’s bikini line (weird). He said he was left with patchy areas of hair, maybe they didn’t know what they were doing. I didn’t ask my cousin how her crotch turned out.

It’s weird because I keep asking her to LASER my chest and she just laughs. I’m not joking, throw me a frickin bone here.

Oh yeah, Chris, you are one funny mofo! Dingleberries, hehe


Do you want me to ask your cousin how the bikini line turned out?

Nate, she’s a little too old for you, buddy. She’ll be 14 in October.