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Laser hair removal.....

Has anyone done this? Are the results really permanent? What does it cost? I need to get my chest back and shoulders done. Im 20 years old and getting hairy, i dont like it, so im considering this method…can anyone answer my questions? thanks

It works, but it’s expensive and takes multiple visits. Depending on how hairy you are, it may take 6-10 visits. Look up someone in your area for pricing information.

I’ve seen both good and bad on this. My wife had some done, but had to stop the treatments half way through due to pregnancy. Wasn’t painful (and she’s a real wimp when it comes to any kind of pain).

i had my bikini area done. i had a perscription numbing cream - emla - that toned down the pain somewhat, but every so often i’d find out i missed a spot…the hard way. think of getting snapped with a rubber band - on your crotch. it is NOT pleasant, and i have a very very high pain tolerance. anyway, it’s REALLY expensive and you need to go a bunch of times, as nate said. for chest back and shoulders you’re looking at a grand easy, and if you have dark hair on dark skin it doens’t work well, if at all. have you tried waxing? if you keep up with it - as in go every 6 weeks like clockwork - your hair grows in a lot thinner after a few times. and waxing is a lot easier on the wallet.

Like michelle said, if you have dark skin or light hair, it won’t work as well. In fact, I had to do it during the winter months, as I have tan skin. Also, the darker your skin is, the more painful it actually is. So your best bet is to have pale skin and dark hair! I was lucky that my visits weren’t too expensive. But I could still use one or two more to completely rid a few small patches that grow on my back and shoulders.

Waxing is another good idea, but it can also be fairly costly if you go every 4-6 weeks. As most places charge about $30-40 for chest or back and shoulders. I've waxed before, and noticed that it really only gives you about 2-3 weeks before you can see it all grow back. But also like Michelle said, it does tend to grow back thinner and lighter.

do any of you get ingrown or infected hairs after waxing? I have very sensitive skin, and am prone to such blemishes, so I have been timid when it comes to waxing. Thanks.

I’ve had my face done 6x’s…Left me with 4 scars & dark spots!!!It hurts like HELL…Used the cream with tons of ice…Let the tech. catch up…Wait.I’m out 1500. also…Alturus is the name of the laser…

i had it done with a ‘light sheer’ laser. as for waxing, i get both legs done for $40. but compared to the laser that’s free. it was over $500 for my laser treatments… and i was only having a very small area done. i went to the laser because i got HORRIBLE ingrown hairs from waxing there. if your hair is very corse you have a much higher chance of getting ingrown hairs, so you may must have to live with the body hair.

The lady that did me also used the “light sheer” laser. My visits cost: $300 first time, $150 second time, $80 third time and $50 thereafter. My visits are actually cheaper than her new fee structure which averages $200 a visit now. So I made out pretty good. Also, if I go back, I’ll still only pay $50 per visit.

As for body hair, I've decided to just let it grow back. I'm tired of trimming my chest and stomach. So it's all growing back now. Nate Doggy Dogg is about to be a hairy bastard. But you know what? I don't care anymore. I'm a manly man, and I'm not a bodybuilder, so there is no reason for me to keep shaving or trimming my body. I will probably keep my chest and stomach somewhat trimmed once it all grows back, and I'll always trim the pubes and shave my armpits, but my arms, legs, chest and stomach will look like your typical hairy guy! Maybe I'll change my name to Werewolf Nate. LOL!

WTF? with all this hair removal for men! Are you sure you want to spend hard earned money on that? I’m not being judgmental, just playing devil’s advocate. I have alot of body hair. Most of my girlfriends have asked me to shave it, but no way am I going to do something like that just to appease them, and it certainly has not hurt my sex life. In fact, I think they respect me more because I’m not willing to shave it just for them. Besides, body hair is manly. No reason to be embarrassed about it…