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Laser Disectomy


Hi all,

This is my first post on T-Nation. I injured a disc in my lumbar spine years ago and have done several things to try to rehab it. Chiropractic, decompression, ice, rest, I've done everything I know of over the years to try to fix the disc, but nothing has worked.

I'm considering some sort of surgical treatment, and heard of laser disectomy. I was wondering if anyone here has done it (or any other disectomies) and if it allowed them to get back to lifting hard and heavy again.

I tried the search function and got back very little info.



Where is your herniation at? And also what is the size of it? Did decompression and PT reduce the size of it at all or help with the pain symptoms? I am in the same boat as you right now and am using PT to strengthen my multifidus muscles and have undergone decompression already, we will see if I have any luck. My herniation was between my l4 L5 and was 7-8mm. I am currently in PT and will get a second MRI if I get even better results than I have already. I have met several guys who recovered to lift again after decompression and PT, but I have not met any who did after the surgery yet. Of course my focus has been on alternatives. Just research the doctors of athletes. There are several popular places out there, but how many of those athletes recovered to be 100% again after surgery, not many. Either way it is a long road, not a shot one.

ALso have you tried PT to strengthen the muscles around your back with become weaker, not stronger once the disc are injured?