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Las Vegas Powerlifitng Gym??

I live in Las Vegas. I refuse to believe there isn’t a gym in this town with a couple racks, GHR bench, reverse hyper, etc. Does anybody know anything? Have any equipment in their garage? I will pay you…

Any help is appreciated.


Charles Staley is based in Vegas. You might want to try dropping him a note, his email is charles@edtsecrets.com


you mean the gym at the flamingo hilton isnt sufficient?

i trained at a gym there once it wasnt bad. not a pw gym though. shitty thing is i have no idea where it is.

i hope you get it figured out so when i take my next trip to sin city we can train together!

Sean, I’ll do that…

P-dog, tell where it was at…give me something.

Next time you come we’ll be lifting up strippers as well as lots of weight.

honestly dude i have no idea where i was at. all i know is that i got off of the strip towards unlv (there is a real fun local bar in the area) i turned left on a major street in that area (i believe the street ran parallel to the strip) and then a few miles down there it was. oh yeah i believe there is an in and out burger near bye.

thats all i can give you bro.

keep the weights and the strippers warm for me!!!

I know that area…did they have a Glute Ham Raise Bench and A Reverse Hyper??

a t-nation member, douggystyle, also lives in vegas and has been looking for a powerlifting gym also. he hates the LVAC, which is where he currently lifts. maybe you can get in touch with him trough t-nation to see if you might want to lift together.

Former Las Vegas Resident,
Jared Freeman

Well I found my gym…we have a reverse hyper, glute ham bench, racks, jackstands, safety squat bar, buffalo bar, dip stand, chins, bands, chains, db’s tp 200 lbs.

I’m in fucking heaven. I almost came in my pant’s when I walked in.

I’m expecting BIG things this year!

Vegas here too man! where is it??

Where is this place at? LVAC isn’t doing it for me either.

glad to see you found a new home buddy…:slight_smile:

24 hour Fitness for me. E Charleston & Lamb

…its a real “garage” gym, not a prettyboy Gold’s Gym with music videos in the background…but its all powerlifters, all proper equipment, etc. and I will be getting results. Put it simply, its raw. Just like I like it.

Send me a PM we can train together if gaining large amounts of muscle and strength are your thing.

day 1 was today…it was fucking awesome. I’m loving it.