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Las Vegas Gym?


hey i figured id throw this out and see if anyone can help me. jun 11-15th ill be staying at the Wynn Hotel out in Vegas, and their weight room sounds like a ridiculous joke (most hotels' and resorts' weightrooms usually are, but i thought maybe i had a chance, it being vegas and all...sadly no...).

anyway, they told me it was $25/day, hotel guests only, for some bikes, treadmills, ellipticals, "something for abs", "something for chest", "some" free weights, and "something that you can do pullups on in the back as well".....sounds bad, real bad. anyway, looking for a REAL gym, if anyone can point me towards a gym thats pretty close to the Wynn, or even the strip for that matter, id really appreciate it.

btw- normally i wouldnt be so anal, and id just go enjoy vegas, but im about to embark on a little CT hss-100, and im just trying to get a feel for what ill be able to do as most of june has me scrambling to find a gym/acceptable way of taxing my muscles.



If I were you I'd think it'd be worth it to check out the local Gold's gym. My nutritionist and Jay Cutler work out there. There's also another pro that frequents it but I can't recall who it is.


There is a gym just outside the city down I15. It's called Las Vagas Athletic Club...It's huge and it's open 24 hrs.
If you miss it, you are to drunk to drive.
But seriously, I'd take the week off. There is to much to do and not enough time to see it all.


thanks guys


If it's not too hot for you, Sierra Vista High School on 8100 W. Robindale Road is about 15 minutes from the strip and has some tractor tires you can flip.


A Power House Gym just opened up as well and sounds good, though I haven't been there.

Powerhouse Gym - Las Vegas, NV
4955 S. Fort Apache Rd.
Las Vegas, NV, 89148-1700



Definitely go to the Golds. I trained there a couple of months ago when I was in Vegas -- great place.


yea i called one of the Gold's the other day, and for $15/day i can workout there.

but...there are two Gold's that are apparently pretty close to the strip...anyone know which one would be better? (and by that i mean which one i might have a chance at seeing some pro BB's...i would assume they both have what im looking for...benches and real weights, as well as a few machines to do my HSS-100 workouts for chest/should and back/trap days.)

thanks all.


from what i've heard the Gold's Gym on Flamingo & Sandhill is the one where Cutler trains most of the time...not sure how far it is from where ur staying though...


From the the Strip it is about a 15-20 minute drive depending upon traffic. My advice would be to just enjoy the trip and do some push ups, pull ups and handstand pushups in the room. Vegas is for FUN and the seafood buffet at the Rio.


My understanding is that a stripper can be used to add more resistance for the pushups.


man you guys are giving me good (bad (but good)) thoughts....


I moved from there last year. Golds is 24 hours the one on Eastern is the newest and best equipped. Kimo and Rodriguz from the UFC train there. There is one on Tropicana (or in that area) best equipped with powerlifing gear and a heavy bag. The one on Sahara sucks equipment wise.


thanks everyone.