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LarryDavid's Training Log


EDIT: Punctuation I noticed right now....

I think it'd be good for me to start a training log. Some public accountability never hurt anyone. I've got to start training harder in the gym, and training legs seriously [I know, I know]. I just want to clarify,I am NOT a New Year`s Resolutioner! I've already been training [obviously], and I honestly decided to start the log today. Don't judge me :D.

Chest, Arms
Incline DB Bench Press-30x8, 55x5, 80x7
Flat DB Bench Press- 30x8, 55x5 80x5
Fake HS Bench Press- 50x8, 100x6, 150x5, 180x3
Machine Chest Flyes- 100x10, 160x6, 220x10
Alternate DB Curls- 25x7, 35x5, 45x7
Smith Close Grip Bench Press- 45x? 95x8, 135x5, 185x3
Machine Preacher Curls- 80x8, 105x8, 130x10
V-Bar Cable Pushdowns- 100x12, 140x7, 180x9
V-Bar Cable Curls- 90x10, 120x6, 150x6

Anyway I'll probably just masturbate and then work on my history essay for the rest of the day. May as well get a head start.


Leg Extensions- 55x12, 85x10, 115x8, 145x7, 175x8
Back Squats- 45x?, 95x6, 145x3, 165x3
Romanian Deadlifts- 165x8, 195x8, 235x8
Leg Press- 90x12, 135x10, 180x8, 225x6, 270x8
Leg Curl- 55x10, 85x8, 115x6, 145x3

The squats were sort of useless, being there is no rack at the gym I was at today, but I did them anyway. 165x3 was really easy, just hard to press over my head. Iâ??ll do front squats next time Iâ??m in this gym. The Leg Press isnâ??t a plate loaded one, itâ??s a cable one that is surprisingly harder. That's it.


could have done zercher squats - deadlift weight on to knees, hook arms underneath so the bar is in the crroks of your elbows, enjoy the pain


haha, yeah I thought about those. I think I'm gonna try the front squats first, since I didn't have a problem cleaning the weight to my shoulders, just pressing it up.

This won't be a problem in a couple of weeks when I get my schedule sorted out for the new semester though, I'll just use the school gym on leg day.

Thanks for the advice, I appreciate it man.


Shoulders, Triceps
DB Shoulder Press- 30x8, 50x5, 65x9
DB Lateral Raise- 10x8, 20x8, 30x6
DB Front Raise- 10x8, 20x8, 30x10
Smith Behind the Neck Press- 45x?, 95x6, 135x4, 155x6
Seated Rows to the Neck- 55x8, 85x8, 115x5, 145x4
Machine Reverse Flyes- 55x10, 85x8, 115x8
Overhead DB Extensions- 10x10, 15x6, 20x5
Cable Pushdowns- 80x12, 120x10, 160x10, 100x8 [slow]

I was pretty sluggish today upon waking but I figured it wouldn't be too bad. Did alright on the DB shoulder press -one more rep than last week- and then things went downhill from there. Less reps than I expected on most exercises, and that was with me doing less reps on the warm up sets to save energy. Oh well, next time I do shoulders I'll do better.


This seemed appropriate to christen your log. Will be following.



Thanks for reading, bro.


Back, Light Biceps
Lat Pulldowns- 55x12, 85x10, 115x7, 145x5, 155x4
Cable Seated Rows- 55x?, 85x8, 115x6, 145x5, 160x6
Behind the Neck Pulldowns- 55x10, 85x8, 115x6, 130x6
Dumbbell Rows- 45x10, 70x10, 95x10
Machine Seated Rows- 50x10, 100x7, 150x6
Pinwheel Curls- 40x8, 50x7, 60x8

Pretty good day. DB's only go up to 100lbs, so on DB Rows I'll eventually have to do more reps or straight sets, or some combination of both.


Chest, Arms
Incline DB Bench Press-30x8, 55x6, 80x8
Flat DB Bench Press- 30x8, 55x6 80x4 [fuuuuck :(]
Fake HS Bench Press- 50x9, 100x6, 150x4, 180x6
Machine Chest Flyes- 100x10, 160x8, 220x10
Alternate DB Curls- 25x6, 35x5, 45x8
Smith Close Grip Bench Press- 45x? 95x8, 135x4, 185x4
V-Bar Cable Curls- 90x10, 120x8, 150x9
V-Bar Cable Pushdowns- 100x10, 140x79, 180x8 [cleaner reps than last time]

Overall decent day. Did as well or better on all exercises other than the flat DB bench, but I fucked up on the set up and had to regain balance before I fell off the bench. I'll probably do better next week.


Curious, what are your goals? Bodybuilding? Strength game?


Leg Extensions- 55x10, 85x10, 115x10, 145x10, 175x12
Front Squats- 45x?, 95x5, 135x3, 165x3
Romanian Deadlifts- 165x8, 195x6, 235x10
Leg Press- 90x8, 180x8, 270x12
Leg Curl- 55x6, 85x6, 115x6, 145x6

Did better on all of the exercises, but I was running on low sleep and could have done better... Low Sleep+Early Workout = Disappointment :/. Oh well, I'm low on time today.


Pretty much trying to get to a lean 190-200lbs, and from there just focus on getting as strong and athletic as I can at that weight. Right now I'm a soft ~200lbs, so I'm basically just doing a simple BB split and trying to beat my previous weeks numbers.


LarryD, what's up man? I'll be following bro. Good luck.


Sup Flash! Thanks for reading, I've already been reading your log for a bit now. Once I get to the physique goal I set I'll probably be focusing on speed and vertical leap after that.


Shoulders, Triceps
DB Shoulder Press- 30x8, 50x7, 70x7
DB Lateral Raise- 10x10, 20x8, 30x4, 40x5 [sloppy]
DB Front Raise- 10x?, 20x6, 30x5, 40x9
Smith Behind the Neck Press- 45x?, 95x8, 145x4, 165x5
Seated Rows to the Neck- 65x?, 95x8, 125x5, 155x7 [sloppy]
Machine Reverse Flyes- 65x10, 95x8, 125x6, 155x10
Overhead DB Extensions- 10x8, 15x8, 20x8
Cable Pushdowns- 80x12, 120x10, 160x8

I brought the wrong notebook to the gym today so I didn't know how many reps to aim for on my exercises. Between that and my being somewhat out of it on my last shoulder/triceps day, I decided to just up the weight on most of the exercises so I was sure that I was testing myself. It worked out pretty well :D.

During the pushdowns someone who I see there and talk to from time to time stopped me just to make a comment on what he was doing. WTF -_-. Oh well he's a friendly dude, and it was only the pushdowns anyway. Only got 8 reps, but meh.


Back, Light Biceps
Lat Pulldowns- 70x10, 100x8, 130x6, 160x6, 100x?
Cable Seated Rows- 70x10, 100x8, 130x6, 160x8
Behind the Neck Pulldowns- 70x10, 90x8, 110x8 [did these really clean, will do this from now on]
Dumbbell Rows- 45x10, 70x10, 95x11 [grip gave out]
Pinwheel Curls- 40x7, 50x6, 60x9 [grip was fried]

Pretty good day, did better on most of the exercises.


Chest, Arms
Incline DB Bench Press-30x8, 55x7, 85x6
Flat DB Bench Press- 30x8, 55x6, 85xFuck,Fuck, 80x3
Fake HS Bench Press- 50x8, 90x6, 140x3, 180x7.99999 [damn]
Machine Chest Flyes- 110x10, 170x8, 230x10
Alternate DB Curls- 25x7, 35x6, 45x10
V-Bar Cable Pushdowns- 100x12, 140x7, 180x18 [nice!], 200x8 [nice!]
V-Bar Cable Curls- 90x8, 120x7, 150x12 [nice!]

Did a couple less exercises for arms. Decided to go up to 85lb DBs on incline bench and that worked well... but then I fucked up on the set up for Flat DB bench with the 85s twice and put my shoulder in an uncomfortable position. I'll use the 80s next time on Flat DB, should be able to get some good reps on that, then the week after I'll go up to 85lbs.

Other than that...GREAT workout :D. Did more reps and more weight on a lot of exercises, especially at the cable station. I think I'm going to think about having a 5 day split so I can do more weight like I did today. Maybe add an arm day or something...I'll figure it out. Right now I have to eat and get ready for 6 straight hours of class...-_-.


Well done on the new avi sir, though I feel a little wrong for sayin that.


lol Thanks, I do what I can my friend :D.


Damnnit, school and my poor time management fucked things up a bit the past few days. I gotta get back to updating this.

Chest, Arms
Incline DB Bench Press-30x8, 55x7, 85x6 [bad set up]
Flat DB Bench Press- 30x8, 55x6, 85x5
Fake HS Bench Press- 50x8, 90x6, 140x3, 180x5 [didn't rest between sets enough]
Machine Chest Flyes- 115x12, 175x6, 235x5, 250x12
DB Lateral Raises- 15x10, 25x6, 35x8
DB Seated Rows- 10x10, 20x8, 30x6, 40x5
V-Bar Cable Pushdowns- 100x12, 150x8, 200x13

I decided to change a couple of things with my split, since I think I could use more frequency for my rear and side delts, and also my arms. They tend to recover faster and they could also use some more work IMO.

I got the Seated DB Rows things from something Mr. Popular wrote. They felt good, but I think I'll use straight sets with the 30s next time, and higher reps. I'll save the ramping and heavier shoulder exercises for my actual shoulder day. And since the cable station stack only goes up to 200, I'll do some straight sets on the pushdowns, too.

Decent day overall, got the 85s for Flat DB Press finally, did better on a couple other exercises and worse on a couple others.