Larry Wheels Powerlifting Comeback Meet

Larry got injured because Strongman and Instagram stunts don’t mix. Bicep injuries on stones I think. Still not ready to go so he is back to powerlifting and looking fluffier than ever aiming to break a WR (not too sure but think he mentioned Lilliebridge’s sleeves WR.

His prep has been pretty short but so far he has hit some bench PRs and some high squats. I can’t get over how much of a freak this guy is seemingly hitting PRs at will. Might not have done enough for the WR this time but we’ll see.

What do you guys expect from Larry Wheels?

Same thing I expect from everyone: Nothing.




“The candle that burns twice as bright, burns half as long…”

–Scruffy, the Janitor


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Attention whoring on social media


This is actually kind of funny


If he ends up doing this comp he’s setting himself up for failure

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That timing though. Dunno if it’s anything too serious to be fair but ankle is a strange one

if only they had straps handy or spotters… ohh wait.


Have you watched the video? He failed a 420kgs squat and tried to escape the bar a few cms from the hole.
This squat session looks very risky, dunno why they squat outside the safety harness attached to that monolift and without spotter. He only had 1 guy on each side, no one on his back,when attempting 420, barefoot at that.
And when Andrew struggles on his bench, Larry as a spotter keeps his hands dangerously far from the bar, one must be strong AND not faint hearted to train with them.
I m in Dubai atm btw, was in the Wharehouse 3 days ago, would have loved to see him train but Larry Wheels showed up when I was leaving, along his GF and BTC, a bunch of big guys in that gym.
Will go back tomorrow, have another try at this monolift, it didn’t t work too well the first time, hopefully nothing s wrong with the safety harness,


Are you competing there?

I like BTC he seems like a cool cat.

Nah, just came on business, and with a poor timing, managed to land in Dubai the day after World Ultimate Strongman.
It seems BTC is back stateside, sure in the videos he looks like a cool guy- he looks big close up though, and Larry huge, I m 250lbs (more body fat than Larry, less than BTC)and hadn’t felt that small in a while.
Fwiw if anyone is interested to visit, there are several Warehouse gyms in Dubai, the one equipped for PL and Strongman is Warehouse Al Qoz. Nice gym


I give a wide berth on this because those IG PRs pay a lot more than any PL comp will. I also greatly prefer quarter squats to fake natty’s selling supplements.

Huge LW fan but not much. On the one hand if he pulls this off after a pretty shit and short prep coming back from injury then he is a literal god. On the other hand he has had a shit and short prep where he is trying to grow into the class so fast his mobility is affected by the new weight. On the 3rd hand he only needs to Squat 860 (depth is the question), Bench 630 (Paused 660 with elbow wraps) and then Deadlift 880 and the record is his. That seems plausible…which also makes Larry a God that that even seems plausible on the prep he has had.

If that’s what he has to do to make money then it’s another story, I just don’t take him too seriously. But there are definitely a lot of people much worse than him, fake natties or otherwise.


Larry comes across as generally a nice guy. He is constantly doing internet stunts simply for views and monitization through his channels. He’s even done sponsored ads in his videos. The guy is making money, promoting his sport and building his own brand. He came from a pretty rough past so the odds were stacked against him so I say more power to him. I hope he makes millions.

As far as his powerlifting return goes, I think his prep was rushed. If he’s shooting for WR totals he should do it properly. He only has a finite amount of time before all these injuries catch up with him and he can’t have a proper prep without an injury ala dan Greene.


It’s not like I hate Larry. It just this stuff

makes me lose interest very fast. I honestly pay no attention to what he does until someone brings it up because 90% of what I see is long videos with a bunch of idle chat leading up to one set that was worth watching and a bunch of underwear selfies. Not really my cup of tea, you could say. But hey, that’s what gets attention and makes money these days so he’s doing the right thing if those are his main objectives.

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Lol I understand that. And yes most videos are waaay to long and basically have 2-5 minutes a good content. I’m not super knowledgable on YouTube video criteria for being monitized but I know they play more ads in longer videos. I always assumed that’s why we’d see 20-30 minute videos of guys working out with 5 minutes of content that pertained to what we clicked to see. (Big deadlift PR etc)


This got deleted off Insta pretty quick. I didnt even get a chance to see it. I think because he was getting hate in the comments. 700 odd lb attempt and injured something apparently rotator cuff.

Well based on what is apparently a nasty rotator tear, i think one of these two is our winner.