Larry Wheels is Stepping on Stage

How do we all feel about Larry Wheels’ decision to step onto a bodybuilding stage next year? Clearly the guy’s got great genetics, but I can’t help feeling slightly betrayed…

In other news he just benched 405 raw for 20


Did he side with you in the Great Funny Walkers War of 2012 and has now changed sides?

Dude has a thick physique. I don’t know anything about bodybuilding but I’m going to assume that he’s going to do very well.

I don’t know if he can set any world records for his weight class (242?) but I think he’s just extremely athletic based on how he looks which would serve him well in bodybuilding. He needs to work on trimming his waist just a little bit imo but he’s already got the back for a good v taper.

That being said, I can’t say that I’d switch to bodybuilding if I could bench 405x20…

I think he recently set a record total in the 275s. I have no clue which federation though so it may not be ‘substantial’

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His current look… pretty crazy


Lel Do you even follow powerlifting or live under a rock/50kg plate?

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Powerlifters have little to no shortage of muscle mass between the powerlifts, assistance and accessory work and this dudes been on gear since forever ago. Probably just needs to balance out his physique according to bodybuilding criteria and learn to pose. Would be cool to see him do a Stan Efferding and go pro in bodybuilding.


If Larry does go Pro, I really hope he at least tries to stay in Classic Physique or 212 classes, and avoid the Mass Monster look


Big is beautiful.

Stan thicc

Would be border line impossible given his proportions would not fit in with Classic Physique and he would have to drop a ton of muscle and such to get down to 212 which means his powerlifting would suffer.

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Good point

Look at those eyes? Did Larry get high right before that picture?

He always looks like that though

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That’s funny. :smile:

I’m just gunna say it, I think Larry is a joke.

Since Larry works with Efferding I bet that they are togehter trying to make Larry take Stan’s “World’s strongest pro bodybuilder” title. It would be cool to see Stan pass on his legacy like that.

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He stated his goals are to do 1 PL comp and 1 BB comp a year.

He has the World Record 242 total and 275 total no wraps right now.

I think his waist is the least of his concerns…especially because of how small it really has stayed. And I doubt any BBer goes “I want to get a huge waist”. IMO that is partially long term mega dosing GHs and then diuretics and overeating on Comp day.

IMO his chest overpowers his entire upper body (especially lower chest) so he needs to bring up Arms and Delts most of all. Then of course Calves.

I do think he will do really well in BBing but not based on merit…just going off what I have heard about how BB placings are actually chosen he would be a very good pick for 1st.

I am a huge Wheels fan but am not thrilled about this. I feel like he would total 2400+ @ 275 in the next year or so if he focused solely on PLing…but then again maybe he needs a mental break and BBing training is certainly that.

I assume the BBing thing is to make that paper so I can not fault him for that.


I imagine it’s a bit like what happened with Kroc as well. He’s got the world record at 242 and 275. Now what? Go up a weight class and do it again? Go down and do it again? Stay in current weight class and just keep making it stupid? At one point, the lack of real competition/challenge gets to you and you end up pursing other avenues.


I might have been off about those delts…

He is like 6-7 weeks out now?

Be cool to compare these to what he looks like in a few weeks…and yes I will be bumping this then LOL

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