Larry Wheels Has a Healthy Heart!

IMO, not even close. Real smoking is multiple packs per day (2 to 3)

Yeah, but you dont know how these cats roll today. 2-3 g/week vs 500 mg/week in the old days?

In all seriousness your protocols were modest comparatively and you did take some breaks. I am with with you though, cumulative AUC is critical.

I hope Larry gets some better guidance. Hard to do when you have enablers and fiscal symbiotes around. But his career is AAS related it appears.

Just like everything else, the answer to all of these “which is worse” questions is: it depends.

Being diabetic and obese is terrible for your body, but if you lose the weight and really change your lifestyle, diabetes isn’t a death sentence.

Smoking is terrible for you, but if you only smoke 5-8 cigarettes a day (which was me when I was in the USMC) it’s not nearly as bad as smoking 1-2 packs for decades.

AAS can be terrible for you if abused, but if you mitigate the health risks as much as possible, maintain a clean diet and do regular check ups and blood work, it doesn’t have to be all that bad.

I believe that, with AAS and diabetes, diet is a much larger factor in overall health than your abuse/condition.

In fact, the more I hang out on these forums, I’m starting to believe that AAS use isn’t really that big of a deal, so long as you do all of the risk mitigation and eat clean. The only real stories I read about AAS related health issues and death, often come down to severe abuse or not taking care of your body and just blasting.

That’s my perception anyways


Tell me more. :thinking:

I still got a bunch of AAS in the fridge.


I know when I started AAS with my 10mg of Dianabol a day for 8 weeks, I doubt if 5 people out of 500,000+ population where I lived used any AAS. And no one was injecting any AAS.

The percent of the total population using steroids steadily increased into the 1980’s.

What would guess the percent of the population that uses AAS today?

Of that number of people what is the distribution of weekly consumption of AAS. If I got to 500mg/wk it was on the high end for me. Do you believe the mean is close to 500mg/wk today? I don’t believe true TRT should be included in the distribution.

Are the percent of AAS users consuming over 1,000mg/wk less that 5 percent?

I am trying to grasp the magnitude of this concern. If it’s just some top level competitors, I don’t believe much change will occur. The Goldman Dilemma at work.

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I’m the us, in a survey 0.5 percent of adults admitted to using AAS. I assume almost no women use, so about 1 percent of men admit to it.

That is admitting to an illegal activity in a survey though. I’ve seen estimates that the real number is more like 3 percent.

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I bet it’s more like 3% easily. It’s pretty rampant and I’m sure the percentage of just regular gym guys skyrockets vs the gen pop.


I audibly laughed at this response

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All this comes down to what we believe in and want the most. I was discussing a simmilar topic with a friend of mine about money and buying property. There are people who invested their money in business and it got bombed in Ukraine. There were people who had houndred thousand hidden in appartments that got invaded and stolen by Russian parasites. They just came in, found it and took their whole lives savings. So we were talking about what is smarter - to scrape and save for when you are old or to live a little now. The thing is that i also have saved some money but if i die tomorrow i would be happier to have spent some of it in past years.
Not doing steroids if this lifestyle is what you love is short sighted because there are 100 ways to die BEFORE the negatives of steroids could kick in. It is awesome that people can save money for when they are old and reach that age. It is awesome that some care for health and live so long they see results. But with whole cities bombed, children raped and all the sickness we have had due to Cov it puts things in perspective. I believe one should focus on the next 10 years at a time. Not doing something you want or love because you might live the next 40 years and reach the day it hurts you, is a gamble just as big as the steroid gamble it self


Sure sure, hes using AAS for 10 years and his heart is healthy…at age 27.

How about when he reaches 40? And 55?

The extra “wear and tear” will show its face at some point.

A car that did 100 000KM by an old lady and an identical car that was raced hard for 100 000KM may both appear to me to be driving equally well if I test drove them right now at this point in time. But the engine in the raced car in all probability will not survive anywhere near as long as the car driven gently. Good chance it may seize up at any point.

Too bad you cant do a full rebuild on your heart.

But, what you do with your heart (or car) is totally your choice - as long as you fully understand the risks and consequences.

If you choose to blast things and have a party of a life, knowing you could drop dead at age 50, I am totally on board with that. You made the trade-off, swopping years of your life for less but (in your opinion) better years.

The problem I have is Larry posting his video. Plenty of young viewers will see AAS as riskless instead of making an informed trade off.

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This is a good point. Larry is 27, started AAS at 17, and surely that has a big impact on his heart health now. If he started at say 27 and tested his heart at 37, would it still be the same? That whole “ten years of AAS and I’m healthy!” Thing is kinda misleading, IMO


I think finding a balance is a good approach. I save / invest a good portion of my income, but I also do fun stuff imo. I wouldn’t be happier if I spent that money. It’s trade offs. I could drive better cars, but I enjoy the ones I have. I could have a bigger house, but I don’t use half my current house (about 1300 sqft). I’m my area, you would have trouble finding a smaller house. Improvements in these areas wouldn’t bring the happiness that having the investments brings me.

I think the same thing can be said for AAS use. I usually have the best physique out of the guys at the places I go out to. I’d like to be as strong as and look more like Larry, but it isn’t worth the cost to me (plus, I don’t think it’s possible with any amount of AAS). So I’m satisfied having pretty good strength, being relatively lean, and trying to be healthy. Who knows, I may get back on the sauce train, but if I can’t maintain those gains on 175 mg a week, I’m not sure it’s worth it. But many people would see my few blasts and trt as reckless and not worth it for them. So it’s kinda individual I think. Some would say I should save less and live more now.

I can only speak for Germany, but there’s no way it’s even 1% here. There’s not even 1% training seriously. Then from those it’s maybe 10% if at all.

I gotta say Hank, props for being consistent. I see your point. It’s a better thought through “Not here for a long time but a good time”. I’m going against my instinct to act like that often, for example when I make an insurance for not being able to work someday. My gut instinct is the way you think, but I perceive the chances higher that I’ll actually get to 80, I guess.

For example, I’d like to start TRT early but I know I’d not like to pin for 50-60 years at least 2 times per week, so I’ll wait until the trade off is worth it. I guess that’s somewhere around 35 years of age, maybe 40, depending on life style.

I would guess TRT therapy will look considerably different in the next 10 or so years. Delivery process will get seamless, IMO.

i wonder if this thing ever comes to my country… there is no such thing as TRT of any kind…

Depends on the dose of poison

Blasting heavy dosages of tren + winny is undoubtedly worse than smoking

100mg test + 200mg primo or 100mg test + 1mg trestolone per day? Smoking is probably worse.


Way more common in UK, Israel, South America etc.

Aus has a fairly big steroid culture, but its VERY niche/underground and the average joe knows nothing about them aside from “I wouldnt touch em… they’ll make yer dick small”…

I’ve been trying to come to terms with this for a little while myself too. 28 with signs of Low T but pinning 1-2x per week for 40-50 YEARS? yikes. Still, have been considering it for some time and might attempt soon to see if symptom relief is worth it - and just playing it by ear then.

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You guys are both youngsters!


Relative to this site - sure! Most people clogging up gyms, however, are teens to early 20s so we’re basically ancient already lol.

Forums are a dying form of social media though… If I were anything like the rest of my generation - I’d be curling in the squat rack while tweeting how unfair it is not to hire me because of my face tattoos.