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Larry Wheels ATWR 140kg Total

Anybody know the meet? Still waiting on IG/YT videos etc so lets post them as they come in.

He went 870 / 645 / 855 according to his last IG post so not sure if that was converted from kilos or its in some archaic fed that uses pounds.

EDIT: apparently there was no live stream? and I found the meet it was XPC Worlds in Columbus.

Wow congrats to Larry! Very nice!

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Those plates look like the plastic cement filled plates I used when I first started training. I believe those were York as well!

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Lol the new Brad castleberry?!?

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Notice the thread title says “140kg total”? It’s not a typo.


Ok so he chipped the record by 0.1lbs. Is there any unwritten rule or anything about that being kind of lame? I actually thought if you don’t get the record by at least a KG it stays with the prior lifter.

I assume he was going to take a 3rd Deadlift but his hands were ripped open. Why not just take an extra 5lbs on his 2nd IDK.

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Maybe within the same fed there’s rules like that or for each individual lift.

Think the fed larry competed in does pounds so the exact conversion barely chips Lilliebridge in kilos. May not count by a lot of feds but good enough for openpowerlifting and for Larry and co to declare the record broken.

Not Larry’s most convincing record but he was plenty strong enough on the day.


Yea feds all have a minimum chip, because Feds actually maintain official ‘records’.

ATWR isn’t actually a real thing, it’s something we track as a wider community and doesn’t unfortunately have any rules on that basis.

His total was fractionally higher, so he has the highest total when sorted high to low :man_shrugging:.


@BOTSLAYER is right, 45 grams for a record doesn’t make sense at all. They might as well weight your t-shirt and singlet and factor that in as well.


How to SMASH World Records by Gaglione Strength


Lift like Larry lifts like Gaglione

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