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Larry Wheels Arm Wrestling


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Definitely a skill and technical component to arm wrestling. Which most dont realize.

Problem is Larry needs a ball cap worn backwards…



Is Wheels a secret-hobit?

The size of that last guy…He looked like Ronnie Coleman’s big brother. And all of them beaten by a guy in a Tom and Jerry t-shirt who looks like he was there to deliver a pizza. Amazing.


They’re all trying to just use their arms. the kid doesn’t really involve his arm, it’s a full body pull. Simple leverage. They are all pretty terrible at sizing up event technique, honestly.

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Top powerlifters aren’t the best deadlifters in the world AND can’t beat a guy like that in arm wrestling. Does that sport even make you strong?


The heaviest deadlift of all time was done by Thor who has competed in powerlifting.

Looks like he has competed as a powerlifter 5 times.

Difference is like more than a decade of arm wrestling specific training. Huge skill gap but also strength gap specific to arm wrestling.

School boy is stronger in the ways that matter for arm wrestling. If they compared arm wrestling specific lifts than schoolboy boys beats Larry. In the big compounds Larry is way stronger but being strong in the finger, hands/wrist and with a closed/tight elbow angle are more important I guess. Much of Larry’s training even across a few disciplines like bodybuilding, powerliftingand strongman don’t really train this much. Maybe strongman but still not that specific. The closest larry gets is strict curling a bit more than schoolboy but that’s more strength at an open elbow angle which is already a losing position.

Yup: a top strongman rocked the powerlifting world setting a top 10 total in his first meet in a decade.

Whereas a top powerlifter rocked the strongman world by…taking second place in an amateur comp.



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Reinhoudt and Kaz were pretty strong.


It looks like he was a regular powerlifter (starting in 2010).

Reinhoudt won a WSM coming from powerlifting, Kaz was a PLer, Jon Pall was a PLer, Magnus was a PLer. Seems a lot of the greats in the sport were PLers.

Basically, it has happened were PLers come into strongman and dominate the competition.

Beat me too it.

Sshhhh…he knows :shushing_face:

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@bulldog9899 has my game figured out, haha. Powerlifters are too fun to pick on.

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Yeah… but your not far from the mark. Things have become way too specialized.


?? What year was that?
To be fair, in the 90’s most PLers that switched to Strongman were on bans for failed drug tests. It was a forced move. Virtually all of them had at least some PL background after the initial CBS run ended and it became a TWI thing.

It’s most likely why they get so defensive, haha.

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Don’t forget Graham Hicks. Totaled 1100kg/2425lbs in his first PL meet :wink:

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Larry Wheels deserves a wacky TV show where he tries different activities.

Larry plays hockey
Larry wrestles an alligator
Larry plays sepak takraw
Larry goes to work on the farm
Larry goes spelunking
Larry tries out for Cirque du Soliel

I’d watch it.