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Larry Wheels Accused of Physical and Verbal Abuse

I actually saw the two posts and stopped viewing.


I included “etc” because I’m sure that wasn’t all of it.

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Just because a person does something we like- lift big heavy things, throw a football real good, etc. doesn’t mean they’re an awesome person with no problems.


I’d like to keep an open mind. I need to see the video of the delivery stunt and the water on her braless breasts to determine guilt or innocence.


Was it nuns or priests who got away with sexually abusing kids, for centuries?

You say “got away with” which means they didn’t get caught, so I guess nuns?

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That would only be true if nuns were sexually abusing kids. You don’t get caught doing something if you aren’t doing it. So if nuns got away with it, that would mean they did it and that would mean they didn’t get away with it since we know that they did it in order for us to say they got away with it.

But what if they are doing it and simply not getting caught?

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Then they are smarter than priests.

Those motherfuckinrg nuns, man. Priests don’t get away with HALF the shit they do. The deck is stacked in their favor.


Wait, I thought they were abusing children.

This one runs deep…


It’s the Catholic Church. Would you expect anything different?

Yeah Buendia seems like a real POS

Then the inverse must also apply - if I didn’t get caught doing something, I didn’t do it.

Ah yes, the “OJ Simpson rule”

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They were sold a rotten bill of goods!


In fairness, that is all you can afford with a vow of poverty.

Great post! Hence I’m not star struck, especially for modern-day athletes and celebrities. There are some who I think are admirable, solid people, but that’s independent of their talents.

I don’t give a rat’s ass on what nearly all have to say. There’s one who I’m not particularly mesmerized by, who might be a truly nice guy, but if I mention him, I might be flamed in the same way one might be flamed for insulting another’s best friend. That’s the power of celebrity.

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I screenshotted this from his instagram. I thought it was weird. He deleted it a few minutes after posting it. I’m not gay or anything but this is definitely meme making material.

I’m in hero worship central. Every year we get the same drama- some sports star smoking weed/beating women/driving drunk/all of the above, etc.

Then all of the “Oh my gawd!'s” start. Like these guys are as pure of heart and clean as snow because they can run fast or catch a ball.

It’s nuts.