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Larry Wheels Accused of Physical and Verbal Abuse

Idk who all is aware of this guy. He’s currently a world record total holder in 2 weight classes. He’s always seemed like a cool guy.

On that note his ex has some audio recordings of them fighting. I listened to them all and all they proved was they got into fights and yelled and cussed each other. She had a knife on him in one recording saying he hit her but he then called the police. Idk odd for a 300 lb athlete to call the cops after beating a woman around. To my knowledge no charges ever made.

In any case if he did do anything I’d prefer him to do jail time or whatever the punishment is. If he’s innocent I hope he counter sues her for defamation.

Anyways yet another patch of drama to follow in the fitness community.

Finally someone said it on here.

It sounds like bullshit to me. If a girl was threatening me with a knife I could still reach a phone then I could still pick up a chair, flip a table, do something. This guy could throw the fridge at her. I have never heard of a man beating a woman and then himself calling the police, that just doesn’t make sense. Accusing a man of assault is the easiest thing in the world for a woman to do to get him locked up.

Maybe it would be better if he just moved on with his life.

However, there is this part here:

“King went on to explain how Wheels has been cheating on her with men and women. She explained this has happened from the start, and in various ways.”

So either he really is gay or she is trying to ruin his reputation in any way possible.

That’s something that jumped out to me as well.

I mean clearly from listening they had some toxisity in the relationship and yeah he should get away from that but in current climate in the US accusations alone can ruin your career or life in general. There doesn’t have to be any proof at all.

Well, he could always come out of the closet and get a new set of fans. But yeah, unfortunately that’s true, but at the same time I’m not sure how seriously people are taking this type of stuff since there were a whole bunch of bullshit allegations recently. Whether guilty or not, all he has to do is stay the hell away from her and deny everything and then soon enough it will be over. None of this would stop him from competing in bodybuilding, strongman, or powerlifting.

Oh yeah competing wouldn’t be an issue. He’s been sponsored by a few different things and fastest way to see those guys drop you is to have an ex say you did (insert crime here) no proof needed.

that first recording on this video:

https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=2BaJy2eXO28 (timestamp 7:15)

was fairly disturbing. it does sound as though there was a physical altercation between the two, but i need to hear more (as we all should) before i come to a final judgment.

Those recordings prove nothing except that they argued and she made a lot of noise. It sounds highly likely that he did hit her, but you can’t really conclude anything from that. Also the fact that she stayed with a man she claims to have known was fucking other men is extremely suspicious, one way or another something isn’t right with her.

That is true, but she also admits to threatening him with a knife which doesn’t help her case too much. Unless there is some new evidence or guys claiming or have slept with him then I would just forget about this whole thing.

I read something a few minutes ago saying that he wasn’t with that girl for some time and is now with a fitness model girl, that alone gives his ex girlfriend a motive to try to fuck him up. I’m not taking sides in this because I don’t know the truth, but in the case that he is innocent of all the stuff she is accusing him of then I wouldn’t want to see him totally ruined because of it.

you could also spin this around and conclude that if he was beating his girlfriend that she would be too scared to leave. a lot happened behind the scenes that we don’t know about. like i said, i need to hear more.

side note: if he’s innocent, she should lose everything she’s ever owned. likewise, if he’s guilty, he deserves to be punished.

I agree on both points. I hope more info will
Come out.

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You can theorize all you want, but unless more information comes out nobody knows what really happened. It is not unusual for girls to make up stories after their boyfriend dumps them, I see no reason how this is different.

As for the cheating allegations, accusing him of cheating with girls is much easier to prove than him cheating with guys. If she catches him hanging out with other girls or find text messages, e-mails, etc., then it’s easy to conclude that he must be cheating. But unless she actually caught him in the act with another man or found some sexually explicit messages there is no basis for that claim. Is it somehow abnormal for men to hang out with other men? If he went out to meet a friend and came back late at night then they must be fucking? I’m not saying it’s impossible, but those are some rather outlandish allegations and require some actual proof. And if there is no proof for that then likely everything she says is bullshit.

You ever hear the saying “hell hath no fury like a woman spurned”? Even in to old English times they knew that women could start some shit.

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i wish my mother dead every single day. trust me, i understand exactly the level of shit that women can start. they have the potential to be abusive and get away with it much easier than men can. i also agree with you about those “cheating with other men” allegations — she’s gonna need some proof, and if she doesn’t have it that will simply point to the theory that she’s bullshitting about EVERYTHING.


So I’m procrastinating cleaning the house and weeding the garden and I watch a bit of the vid @liftangryordie500 posted, but then I didn’t know who Larry Wheels is so I clicked on a video of him telling THE RAW TRUTH about steroids (it’s really hot out, and my garden is super weedy, lol) and…INTERESTING…as he’s telling about getting taken into the foster care system as a 7-year-old, he describes a fight his mother and violent stepfather had wherein the violent stepfather perpetrated violence upon the mom, then called the cops. Because the stepfather had himself pulled together when the cops arrived and his mother was still all escalated and crazy, they believed his version of the story rather than hers.

That’s where I stopped listening, so I still don’t know THE RAW TRUTH, but anyway, here it is at around 1:35:


The plot thickens…

If she can prove the gay allegations then she wins. But if that’s the case then he might have a good time in jail after all.


I don’t have the patience to watch these videos, so maybe someone else can answer - based on what does his ex girlfriend conclude that he was fucking other men? That’s the one piece of this puzzle that just doesn’t make sense, and would determine the validity of everything else she claims.

More breaking news.


Such drama is unsurprising considering a “community” full of narcissists and people with much emotional baggage and troubled backgrounds.

The behavior of his new girlfriend is highly disturbing too, as shown on IG (eg, deliberately pouring water on her tank top while being braless in a restaurant, answering the door to a food deliverer topless for a prank, etc.).

I don’t know if I would call that disturbing, just an attention-seeking slut. But isn’t that what 90% of Instagram is about?


I think attention-seeking sluts are disturbing. Like If i saw a woman pouring water on her braless breasts in a restaurant in front of my family (2 year old included) my time and mind would be disturbed, literally.

Brick, I have to ask the inevitable question here: if this is true, why do you keep watching her videos? After 1 video, wouldn’t you go “ok, that’s enough of that human” and move on? You cited 2 videos of her already, with an “etc” implying further viewership.

Truly, were this disturbing, you’d stop subjecting yourself to it, no?

I’ve never watched a Larry Wheels video. I’m aware of who he is because he crossed over into strongman and people wouldn’t shut up about him, but fundamentally he’s not a person I need to invite into my viewership.