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Larry Wheels 5 Weeks Out Check In


Yup I am a bit obsessed.

Needs to add 95lbs to his total and can add up to 48lbs to his frame after a water cut.

275 Record Meet: 2275 Total 810-610-855@267 at weight in
SQUAT: He had a 815 Squat about 3 weeks out
BENCH: Earlier in prep he had a Triple at 563 (paused rep 1 and 2)
DEADLIFT: 855 2 Weeks Out

5 Weeks Out starting Peak weighing 270
SQUAT: 765 for a triple and 15lbs PR
BENCH: 573 for 2.5 none paused
DEADLIFT: 870 for a 15lbs PR

I am guessing right about now is when he adds in the Anadrol so that should account for a bunch of weight both body and platform.

I feel like a douche to 2nd guess Larry buuuuut he dont read this. GET THAT MAN SOME CALORIES!!!

At this rate I am not sure why he doesnt go back down for Kern and set some records.


Excuse my ignorance, what exactly is he training for? Another bodybuilding show or a PL meet?


Kern US Open Powerlifting

He is attempting to break the 308 Sleeved Record held by Eric Lilliebridge at 2369.

That probably should have been in the first post :smiley:


Yea if he doesn’t take another trip to snap city at the Kern


And I’m just chilling here warming up the popcorn in preparation for a Yury Belkin lifting exhibition


Not going to lie I had my doubts at his 5 week check in buuuut looking at the history it looks like he has 830-630-900ish on the platform which is 10lbs shy of the 2370 he would need.

I also dont think he went 100% for his 275 record which kind of adds a few more pounds.

His biggest issue is probably going to be weighing over 275 as he is still at 270lbs.


900ish? The way he moved 900 in that video, he’ll dominate 900, no problems.




Not the greatest angle but looks high but if he can hit this in comp it looks like 850/630/900 = 2380 which is good for the record. He still doesnt weigh 275 though. At this point maybe reverse water cut to add weight?

EDIT: 2380 is Lilliebridge’s 275 wrapped total record.



Pretty amazing but I am not sure he can pause that.

IMO his 610@275 had pretty generous officiating.

Doesnt seem necessary to make a whole new thread for this but it needs to be posted hahaha Oak with a 400kg Squat a couple weeks out also competing at Kern US Open.

A lot of these lifts arent comp quality but hopefully with some deload and extra supps these will be good to go on gameday.


Jesus, that looked heavy.


What weight is Kevin Oak competing at?


With such a big pay out based on wilks is it likely lifters wont focus on making weight as per the weight classes but instead lift at a weight that they think will maximize their wilks I wonder.



This roster is stacked AF:

THIS is why Larry wont be in the 308, it just doesnt matter. This is also why everybody is competing in wraps because Wilks doesnt account for that either.

This is probably also why Big Boy is cutting into the 308s.

to answer your question I think so. I had to do some research because I still thought they made payouts to the weight classes but it seems they dont.

Later I will include some Wilks numbers etc to give an idea what to expect but right now I gotta get that pump on!!!

Real quick though Larry at 260 with a 2380 total is 623 wilks. If he drops another 10lbs to 250 he only gets 629 wilks or +6 wilks.

Eury won last year’s heavy weight with a 599 wilks.

Pollack won the light weight with 574.

Marianna Gasparayn won the womens with a 628 wilks.


Let’s just get some stats down:
Larry needs a 2370 total to break the wr
In the gym, these are his numbers
Squat: 848
Bench: 628
Deadlift: 900 (870 with comp plates, probably somewhere in between)

In his last meet, I believe his third attempts were around his gym pr’s. If this remains the case, he would give him a 2376 total with a perfect meet.

I’m still confused by his bodyweight. He’s not even over 275lbs as of his most recent update. Would he even be allowed to compete in 308 if he’s under 275? I’m guessing he’s on a journey to rack up wood records a quickly as possible, but I think if he had planned for this to be a 275 for the us open, he would’ve smashed his record, making it harder to break, and then could’ve broken the 308 record in his next meet, which I have no doubt he will do. He’s definitely in my top 3 for favourite athletes, but I think that signing up for 308 was a mistake for this meet. In my opinion, destroying your world record the meet after you set it, and then moving up a weight class and breaking the record there is his most impressive option


I have no idea how the weight classes will work if he comes in under…or over for that matter. In my gut I dont think it will matter for this competition as it is a Wilks competition. It will matter for Records though.

The original plan was definitely to compete in the 308s. A common phrase was “the 308s better make room” while they were training etc.

I think in the process he wasnt adding the body weight they expected and they realized the Kern US Open is a Wilks Competition.

2370 @ 308 is still a 600 wilks and would be enough to win last year but I dont think it will be good enough this year. SO many big guys adding wraps and cutting weight etc.

I expect 600 to be 2nd or maybe even 3rd place.

Disclaimer: Not actual friends with them, just a social media stalker.



I just went with the guys I recognized their names. If you want me to add somebody just mention it and if you have their numbers that is preferable (but I will do the leg/hand work if needed).

Ignoring injuries and misses etc I think this comes down to Belkin, Wheels, Oak, Bridgeford and B Allen

If I were setting odds that is what order I would set them in.

A LOT of really high training Squats so not sure if that is a reflection of Kern US standards or guys just pushing the weight.

Ironically JP Price who I always thought Quarter Squatted (but got whites) had one of the better Squats.

"NINOs" coming SOON


Comp is all very close but I’ve been following Shawn doyle. Think he’s going to take it. He’s posted recently 936 squat, 550 paused bench doubles and easy 903 deadlift I think it was. If he can hold it he’s got room in the deadlift from what I saw.

Deadlift was 847- but easy as hell. His last comp he went a fast third attempt at 903 and dropped it at lockout

Heres his comp 903


a 3x2 FFS…added him and after seeing his lifts I think he should be 1st or 2nd in odds over everything I saw so far000000.

Numbers (conservative): 936-575-870 for 2381 and 604 Wilks which is 3rd behind Larry (616) and Yury (622) BUT all Doyles lifts were much higher quality than Larry’s (breaks my heart to have to write that LOL).

I also didnt count the 903 dead because he pulled 870 in both of his comps last year. He had a ridiculously easy 847 in prep.

Also on the light guys roster there is a Vincent I added only because I thought it might be you…even though I was 90% certain you have different last names and he is 40lbs higher…you never know.