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Larry Eustachy = Class

Larry Eustachy has recently come under a bit of a dark cloud. Some pictures have surfaced of him at a college party after the Iowa St. loss to MU on January 22. He is seen kissing coeds and getting kissed. In one pic you can even see his wedding ring, class. He reportedly did the same at a K-State Frat party. This time however he almost got in a fight b/c one of the frat guys caught him hitting on his 19 year old sister, once again nothing but class. According to the girl he said, “What are you doing here? Why aren’t you at KU? The girls down there are much hotter. You belong there.” Being a student at KU I couldn’t agree more. There has been no official statement on what the school plans to do with Eustachy, but I have to give it up for a 47 year old man to hit on a 19 year girl at a Frat party. CLASSY GUY.

Here’s the link to the pics.


In the last pic you can see his wedding ring.

No hot chicks at KSU? I graduated from K-State and thought their were an abundance of hot chicks.

Just kidding…what an idiot. The first sign that something was wrong to the Iowa State administration was that this jackass didn’t fly or ride with the team. He takes his own vehicle and comes back the next day.

Oh well, looks like he will go from making 1,000,000 a year to 500,000 for him and 500,000 for his wife. Nice move dickhead.

Maybe I’m blind, or haven’t heard much of the story… but what exactly is wrong with him kissing some college girls on the cheek, or getting kissed on the cheek?

I agree with Tom Arnold on The Best Damn Sports Show: Give him a contract extension!

I don’t see what the big deal is. He knew someone at the party and decided to have a few Natty Lights, got walleye-vision, and kissed a few girls on the cheek. So what, maybe he’s Italian and that’s just his culture’s way of saying hello. This guy is getting crucified as if he were the Toronto pitcher who gave a girl roofies, raped her, and videotaped it. That’s a whole different story, though.

I’ll bet his wife cares more about all the bad press more than the fact that he got drunk and kissed a few large college chicks. The fact is, he wasn’t even breaking the law. He’s not a hypocrite for telling his players not to drink because he’s of age. How do we know he doesn’t have a fear of flying like John Madden or Maurice Clarett? Geez, the person who should be shunned is the idiot who felt it was his duty to tattle on him. If he generally cared about the coach and thought he had a problem, there are other ways of going about it aside from public humiliation. Well buddy, you got your wish. I saw your ugly mug on Fox Sports last night. I hope somebody kicks your ass and puts pictures on the internet.

Why are we as a society so quick to criticize others’ actions? For the same reason we watch Jerry Springer: to make ourselves feel better at the expense of others. We all make mistakes, and we’ve all been in the wrong place at the wrong time. Lighten up people…unless you’ve never made a bad decision, that is.