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LARP 'Avatar'



these people must have sex somehows.....

they keep reproducing....

whatever. They probably think lifting heavy things daily is weird too.

and they're probably right.


What the crap?


Correction... What the fuck?!






It's a joke.


I'm not one to judge, but LARPers are fucking wierd. Avatar, D&Dish stuff, etc, these guys have been around for a while, and...

I have no idea. It seems like all it'd take is a couple good looking T-Men to go to one of these things and round up all (both) of the women there.

I don't know where I'm going with this, but those guys are still wierd.


Cocaine is a hellavu drug


Ok, my school was overrun with these guys. They are kinky motherfuckers. Some of them were friends of friends of mine and I would hear about the most disgusting men in those groups playing the LARP role of King and therefore getting women two or three at a time.

Not the kind of women you'd bring to breakfast but still...


Yeah, its improv nerds parodying larp nerds. I honestly am not sure which are worse. Improv nerds can go undercover and show up at a party you are at thus forcing cringe inducing interactions.

LARP nerds at least broadcast their wierdness through style of dress and poor hygeine allowing you to flee on first sight or smell.

You be the judge.


Joke or not, this shit had me crying.....


3:27 most worthwhile part


Yeah, I don't know if that was serious, but I was giggling through most of it (love when the guy hurts his hand on the bow, or the chick goes on about how everyone looks great... "all muscular" -lol)



These are things I can t watch.

Do you ever feel shame for someone else?


"Fuck you skybitch!" lol, funny fuckers.