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Larodrick Duncan Squats 825 Unequipped


I couldn't believe the depth on thsi when I saw it. PL Watch says the kid is only 26. I hope he stays healthy, that is fantastic power at a still-young age. Hope to see what he can do in a meet soon.


Depth? Did we see the same video? That angle can be very bad to judge depth from. So I won't comment on the depth. I will comment on the strength. The strength is awesome. Handling 370kg raw is no joke. Just putting that on the back, and walk out is something that many people can't do. Obviously he should be able to do a RAW paused ATG squat of 300kg with no problem. :slight_smile: If this is natural power, he must be one of a kind!


wow, you make it sound like 825 unequipped squats are an everyday kinda thing for guys taking steroids.

Why is it that the guys who always call squats high based on video are the same ones to to say "well, you can't judge depth from a video" when it looks good?


People love being cynical about depth in general. I am just as guilty as the next guy.


looked deep as fuck to me.

his 815 was quick as hell too, dont know if anyone watched that one too.

strong ass dude. much respect for raw lifts - especially when theyre rivaling equipped


wooowlyshiz bucket. I bet Lebron James could do that much weight while single handedly saving a bus of xploding turtles. Its impressive. to say the least


lets be real, that weight would crush most men, but he wasn't at or particularly close to parallel by any standard

Much more concerning, that bar position with the level of inclination his back reaches at the bottom and >800 pounds on his back with one spotter is a fucking death wish. I mean that is some scary scary shit.


Great strength, from that POV, no where near PL depth.


Crazy stuff.


I don't know, depth looks solid to me.


The angle of the vid makes depth judging a murky matter indeed.

That was a hell of a good morning at the end though.


Reminds me of Rob Wilkerson.


Look at the pic Malonetd posted. Given the size of his thighs, do you really think that the crease of his hip is not below the top of his knee?


True, 'solid' but no more. Certantly wasn't buried or worth commenting how deep it was. Tough angle from behind but it could have been just in or just out.

It was however fucking strong, and thats for certain! lol


Isn't the current world record at 100% RAW fed 825 lbs. too? By Scott Weech?


I think people take the 'ATG' literally.


for the record I never said it was 2" below parallel, or ATG, but this is getting out of hand.

Really, so 100% of the gym lifts that you've seen have been to legal depth? I clicked on the link expecting it to be decent, better than a half-squat, but not as deep as it was. Before this thread, I would've called it 'indisputable' but then I forgot, this is the internet.


Yeah, that is a much better image than the video. I'm still not calling it legal PL depth from the video, but it looks more likely from the cap than the video. His body/arms get in the way of calling it from the crease.

Still, strong as hell.


I can only imagine how much back strength it takes to do something like that. What an ox.


if it wasn't past parallel then it was damn close.