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Larger Surge Tubs?

You know what I love? SURGE. Its the best nutritional supplement I’ve ever had. I practically live on the stuff. I owe a lot to it. You know what I hate? The rinky dink 10 serving tubs they come in! If you’re taking 2 scoops of Surge per workout and working out 4 times a week, you’re out in 2 1/2 weeks! If you’re over 200 lbs, like I’m sure most T-Nation members are, then the suggested serving is 3 scoops. Now you’re down to less than 7 servings in a bottle. Call me crazy, but I’m also thinking there’s a lot of T-Nation members out there that are working out more than just 4 days a week. If GROW! can come in 3 lb tubs why can’t Surge? So I’m asking, no, I’m BEGGING everyone out there that feels the same way to post here and ask Biotest to give us what we want!

Yes larger tubs would be wonderful, I just ordered 2 today. Also just a quick note, I weigh 255 however I only use 2 scoops after my workout is that not good?

I’m the same way. I love surge, but I run out way too quick.

Glad you like Surge, and we’ll surely consider your request!

I agree!

Although I have never taken Surge, I would certainly buy it if it came in larger containers. I think it should come in three standard sizes: the current, 5 pounds and 10 pounds. That may seem like a lot, but it’s either than or you buying 5 small ones at the same time.
And if I don’t find any maltodextrin (or dextrose) soon in Toronto, I’ll have to get some Grow! for sure:)

Am going to place an order this week for 2-3 cans. A 2lb jug would be sweet!

I’ll add my vote for larger tubs of Surge.

Wasn’t Surge twice the price before they switched to direct marketing?

I’m happy to get it for 21 bucks.

Did I say 2? I meant 6:) around 3 x’s the size now.

Please add my vote for a 4 lb. or larger container of Surge (at $10.50 per lb. or hopefully less). It runs out way too quick. My last order was for 3 bottles and I normally keep at least 1 bottle at work and 1 at home.

Thank you!

[quote]Mack wrote:
Did I say 2? I meant 6:) around 3 x’s the size now.[/quote]

That would be great, but I think we would run into a shelf life problem with that large of a container. I personally consume two an a half containers a month. Cutting the price in half is like a sore peter… You can’t beat it! Thanks a lot Biotest.


Count my vote in for bigger containers also.

Not to be a party pooper here guys, but, I for one dont mind the smaller containers.

Now hear me out!!!

Yes, I go through a container pretty quick, but as was stated earlier there may be a shelf life issue here. With the Hydro. Whey being broken down to such small fractions it may have the potential to degrade faster. So the smaller tubs simply assures me that I am getting all the quality I expect/pay for.

Really, when you think about it. The only real difference in say a 6lb container and the current one is changing the 1 to a 3 when I order, and the minute task of removing three freshness seals instead of one. That, and the small container is sure a bit easier to throw in a gym bag.

Just my 2 cc.

I usually buy 4 tubs at a time which lasts me a couple months. In order to compensate for the shipping costs us Canadians have to deal with the only way to make it cost effective is to purchase about 300 bucks worth at a time.

My only worry is that shelf life of Surge and Grow is compromised by having 2 or 3 month supplies on hand. I keep everything in my fridge.


to get large, you gotta go large! GO LARGE, i tells ya! bulk qty rules!