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Larger Spike Bullet Request


The Spike bullet is very nice, and I'm using it to carry all kinds of supplements, not just Spike. The thing is, it's a bit too small to carry a Flameout capsule and something else at the same time. The bullet is too short for both, just barely.

Since I wouldn't expect the Flameout capsules to shrink any time soon, can you guys make the Spike bullets a bit larger? Only a few milimeters will suffice. Thanks!


What is a bullet? The pill bottle? Is this really a serious post?...




A plastic "bullet" comes with Spike, now. It's just a little pill-holder to carry around a two-pill dose with you.


I bought a bottle of Spike in UK and I did not get my bullet :frowning:


I've seen the Spike bullet on another site, but not this one.

anywho, I don't know about carrying around a Flameout cap in it though, unless you got a place to keep it cool.


Here's a pic of the bullet.




Go buy a real pill container?


I'd kill to have 1 maybe 3-4 times the size that I can load all my supps into. Stick some Carbolin 19, TRIBEX, Flameout in there and be good for the day. What about it Biotest? The T-Nation supp carrier, holds 15 pills!

(That way I can replace my perscription pill bottle that I use now, people give you weird looks when you pull blue and green pills out from those things!)


What's hilarious is I've got a friend that has been searching forever for this thing called a bullet. Same product....different usage.

Let's just say he's not a big fan of pepsi products...LoL.