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Large Swings in Blood Pressure


Does anyone regularly check there BP and notice it has a rather large (imo) swing.

I see anywhere from 110/54 to 140/80… is it normal to change that much? Ive done some light googling and according to that I’m dieing.


According to Google if you have an ingrown toenail you’re dying! Lol
If you are worried, it might be best to check with your doctor. It doesn’t seem excessively high so it was likely something you ate. (Read too much salt, caffeine, pre workout, etc…)


When are you measuring and seeing these differences?


I was just going by doctors appointments, seem to have had my BP taken a lot. Yesterday at the dentist they checked it and it was kind of high. I checked it laying in bed this morning at it was 138/78 then checked it again laying in bed 20 minutes later and it was 110/54. I’ve used my digital checker (dad got from the VA), grocery stores checker, and the doctors machines. It’s all over the place.


Lots of factors can influence BP. Stress (cortisol), sodium intake, etc.

Are there any factors you can think of that are present when your BP is normal or high?


I’ve had an immense amount of stress for a couple months now. Could it influence even if in the moment I’m not stressed when chexking? Obviously stress doesn’t disappear, but obviously there are less stressful times during the day.


Just checked it after working out and taking preworkout, and a taxing conversation lol

Pulse = 80

It’s always the systolic that seems to be high.


Check it every morning and evening before going to bed after 15 to 20 minutes seated and resting/relaxed. Do this for 1 or 2 weeks each day and record all the numbers you’ll get. This is usually how doctors ask patients to do it if they’re suspecting hypertension. Once you have your record, bring it to your physician.


Sounds like a great idea. I shall start doing that today!


Make sure your cuff fits properly too


Unfortunately I have 15” arms. Probably be awhile before I need a bigger cuff


Not necessarily, man. A lot of cuffs are weirdly small


It’s not just about size too. There’s a proper way of putting it on as with regards to placement and tightness for example


I did not know that. I will research the proper way.


The important ones on top of my head

  • cuff should cover 2/3 of upper arm
  • you should be able to snuggly fit 2 fingers beneath for right tightness. Emphasis on snuggly
  • around 0.5 to 1 inch above angle of elbow