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Large Mass Appeared Below Nipple. Not Gyno?

So I’m 5 days into my PCT (40,40,20,20 Nolva after a test only (T250) cycle.) and upon waking up today I’ve found a quite large mass just below and extending behind my left nipple. Any ideas as to what this could be? I’m assuming there is no way it is gyno because that doesn’t pop up overnight (I had sore nips during my cycle but countered that.) I did some searching and found out a lot of women on hormomes will get cysts, but it has never been reported males. On the more extreme side I know Nolva has been linked to Cancer in the testies, but again, I saw nothing about breasts. Could this be that I didn’t properly asses my gyno (I used Nolva… Misled, Dex would’ve taken 2 weeks to arrive.) and this is just my gyno dropping off or something? I felt stupid writing that question but I’ve never had it so I have no idea what it feels like when it goes away. Does anyone have an idea what might have happened? I’m having trouble finding any information on this and if it could possibly be cancer I obviously want to get into a Doc ASAP.

Be careful about the language you use when you go to the doc. You want insurance to cover treatment. I would say you’ve had a small lump there since puberty and it’s started hurting and getting more inflamed recently as you upped training intensity. That could set the stage well if they need to remove …