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Large Marge's Log


Female lifter here:
35 years old
133 lbs

Been lifting for a good 5 years or so.

Kinda just need a little corner of the world to my own where I can write down my numbers and my other musings. In the last few years all of my badass lifting friends have gone by the wayside, either through injuries or changes in fitness goals. And my boyfriend (who I adore, obvi) is a fitness professional which is both awesome and challenging at the same time - he wants to get shredded, I feel pressure to lean out, he puts on size, I let my ass get fat, now he’s stopped powerlifting (he is/was a 600+ deadlifter @ 200lbs) so talking about powerlifting isn’t the same anymore :frowning:

Then there’s fucking fitspo, and booty shorts with socks, and women saying ‘honor your body and get strong’ while wearing booty shorts with socks, it’s all very confusing and annoying and making me go lone wolf status.

My current numbers are (been working sub max for a while, so not sure on 1RMs):
Bench 2x120
Squat 240
Dead 305 (a belted sumo)

I just started working with a belt this past month and let me tell you, that shit is FUN! Like falling in love all over again.

Goal is to do a meet sometime next year, haven’t figured out when exactly bc I’m interested in:
Benching 135
Yanking 345 (Conventional)
Squatting (no real goal here, but let’s say a house for now)

I’ve competed 2x in the past, so this time I want to make it count and compete at 123 lbs. I like being competitive and the whole “it’s you against you” is cool, but I like to be a little bit extra in my competitiveness.

So this time around I’m going to try to lean out a bit (also bc I feel pressure to stop being such a fatfuck since my guy is now keen on getting ripped and you know, society) and then cut down to 123 w water manipulation. If I go off my macros and shit, please feel free to remind me that no man wants to eat a bag full of cottage cheese.

New cycle starts Monday. Here we go!


Finally decided on a meet in May. This gives me about 4 months of strength building which I will then follow up with a 6 week peaking cycle. I’ve personally never heard of a 6 week peak, but I’m sure I can figure something out or google it. I just wanna get as strong as possible before things get too heavy that specificity is all I have left!

As per the next 4 months, I’m planning to run a modified 5/3/1 that includes a bunch of extra volume. I’ve run 5/3/1 in the past and liked it and it worked wonders, the built in deload is especially helpful as a lady lifter. But I know from running other programs (Texas method, Cube) that volume works for me physically and mentally - plus I’m a fucking work horse (when my heads straight) and I like putting in long gym seshes when I can (I have an insane work schedule at times).

Basically it’s 5/3/1 but on 5s week I do 5X5, on 3s week I do 2x3 followed by 1xAMRAP, and on 1s week I do 2x1 followed by 1XAMRAP.

The bf is against my cutting weight to 123 for the meet. The way he sees it, its much more gratifying to get 9 white lights and a formidable total, than 6 white lights and a not make any PRs. I’m also just a hobbyist so why bother, he alludes…BUUUUuuuut…fuck everybody, I do what I want. In any case, methinks the cut will likely depend on whether I can weigh-in the day before the meet, such that I can re-hydrate nicely and eat a disturbing amount of food pre-meet. If I can’t do that then I’ll just try to compete at my regular competition weight, which has been 129lbs. I hate being in the big girl class :confused:

I have my nutrition plan figured out. I based it on precision nutrition, so it follows a macro-breakdown with high, mod, low, off days. I ran my numbers by the bf who said they look great and that he would have figured out the same numbers had he done my plan (insert smiley face). Today’s supposed to be a high carb day given my imminent squatting, but coming off a weekend where I’m all fat and bloated the last thing I want are more carbs. Bleh. But we’ll see, not following the plan is the worst way to start a plan haha.