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Large Dose BCAA's


whats the general opinion of supp-ingg large doses of bcaa's while on a cycle? good idea, overkill, or worthless- i figure if im at my desk in the office and im not eating or slamming a shake, 5 of these 4 or 5 times a day could be a good idea..



Better than fasting for that period. Not better than having better nutrition during that period.


point taken- thanks for the reply..hopefully this would be in ADDITION to good nutrition, not a substitute.


Oh. Well, I had interpreted "im at my desk in the office and im not eating or slamming a shake" as meaning you weren't eating or slamming a shake.

If you're getting plenty of good nutrition that way during the period, then no, I don't think adding BCAA's would do much extra when on cycle.

However if for example the situation is that you are used to eating every 2 hours let's say, and there is going to be a 3 hour period when you cannot eat but you could have some BCAA's at the 2 hour point, that might be a help.

This is basically opinion and definitely not something I've proven. Opinion only.


The effects of BCAA is minimal when I used good quality whey protein + real food. But I did notice its effects when I was not taking any protein supplements. I used BCAA around training, 10gram pre/peri/post. BUt it's nothing compared real AAS. If you are on cycle, how about slamming 5mg of dianabol with a protein shake, that will surely make up any lost ground (if any). But seriouly, I think your body probably won't respond much to the extra BCAA, since protein synthesis is already very high.


I use them for one thing and one thing only. To preserve muscle when dieting. When i am maintaining or bulking up i have no need for BCAA supplements, with all the protein i get in it would be a drop in an ocean.

When dieting, IMO they are a very effective way to offset catabolism without the calories a protein shake or turkey breast would yield.

They are great for during a workout and before, they are great to use in-between meals and they are great to use when you go pee-pee in the middle of the night.

I'd use 3-5g a time only.

Added to a controlled carb or keto diet with high protein and moderate fat intake and you will preserve more muscle with them than without. I don't waste my money otherwise.

Being on or off cycle is really of little importance. While of course AAS make a vast difference to the gains you keep when dieting or make when not - they will not substitue or make up for any discrepancies in diet - especially when cutting.

I use the term cutting with a definite meaning in mind - to mean the lowering of fat to levels well into single digits - ie. <8%. Anything more than this is not 'cutting' IMO and is just 'a bit of fat loss'!


"BCAA is nothing compared [to] real AAS?"



Tell that to CT..


thanks very much for the input- ill use them if i wake up in the middle of the night and maybe pre/during a workout- thanks again for the ideas..


like Brook said, when dieting or trying to preserve muscle. I use purple wraath during my workouts and use l-arginine and glutamine on an empty stomach during the day


I would have thought BCAA and/or with extra Leucine would be more beneficial than Glutamine and Arginine?