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large adductors

Pavel claims that conventional squats build up the adductor muscles too much and recommends 1-leg squats. What other lifts can be done to build great quads without having enourmous inner thighs like powerlifters? I’m assuming their are several squat variations.

If you pay attention to your stance, you can do well without overdeveloping the adductors. A narrower stance will work the quads more, a wider stance will work the adductors more. Also, front squats will emphasize the quads.

I agree that a narrow stance will remove some of the adductor contribution. Try narrow stance dumbell squats and barbell hack squats.

If you want to avoid the sheer girth of power lifters, avoid doing rows using the dinner table as the resistance, pulling yourself in for 3 helpings of 6 meals.

Nice answer, Jay. :slight_smile:
Why on Earth would you want to avoid developing your adductors?