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Laptop Stampede!

Sometimes I wonder how far the human race has really come when I read articles like this:


The first paragraph alone was mind-boggling.


i have a powerbook and it’s fucking nice…

but i wouldnt throw grannie to the floor and hit her with her cane just to get one


That’s fuking nuts!!!

It reminds me of the $30 DVD players and other low priced items at Wal-Mart about a year and a half ago. I still have both the ones I bought, and they still work great! But I didnt’ run over anyone to get one.

Sad. Again this just shows us how messed up our society is. Our priorities are way out of whack.

Laptops mean you take your work home with you…these people were rushing to take on more responsibilies at home. Lame. I get nervous anytime the group makes requests to get more portable equipment;)

rediculous… it was used! :wink:

No seriously, that’s just retarded.

No arrests, and sold out by 1:00PM.

So nothing that happened there was illegal, or harmful to anyone there?

Arrest them all and sort it out later.

If someone’s pushing his way through a crowd with a car, someone should have had the balls to pull the bastard out of his car and defend themselves (and others) by beating his ass.

People in large groups are stupid.

Reminds me of the Tickle-Me-Elmo ordeal a years ago.
I wanna see what would happen if Biotest was giving away free year supplies of Grow!.

And that Jesse dude…

What an innovator and visionary that guy is taking his folding chair and beating people back from his place in line…

Something to think about next time I go to the DMV…

Man, that whole scenario was crazy. What a bummer

“I think people tend to get caught up in the excitement of an event”

unbelievable…Kuz start your own country we’ll all move there!!

Hah, I especially like the lady who pissed her pants…

But, the gates opened at 7 AM, and they sold out by 1 PM… I’m guessing it didn’t take 4 or 5 hours to sell to everyone who got there at 7 AM, so If i got there late, and didn’t get run over, I’d still have a 50$ 5 year old powerbook.

This is sad, but it still made me laugh. People are truly insane!

While at church a few weeks ago, the pastor remarked about reading a new article about increased divorce rates in Silicon Valley. Not really a surprise to anyone really. But the reason sure was. More people were getting a divorce so they could spend more time on their COMPUTERS. Talk about terrible reasoning. That’s awfully low if you want to spend more time surfing the web than spending with real people. Nancies…

You want to call something sad, that’s sad. I wish I could find that article.