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LAPD and Illegal Immigrant Drivers


Another Great Move CA!

I cannot believe this. According to the LAPD, only US citizens will have their car impounded for driving w/o a license. Illegals will not...logic being that they can't obtain one, so it's unfair to punish them!

We are being raped people, laws don't apply to ethnic criminals, and we seem to invite it at every turn.


What about ILLEGAL immigrant do these people not understand?


I don't know what an illegal immigrant is either is that like calling my pot dealer an unlicensed pharmacist? The term is illegal alien and don't let the pc police fool you it is the only correct term to use.


You are correct, I apologize. But the point I was getting at is these people are in the country illegally. The very fact that illegal is in their label says they are breaking the law. Why for the sole fact that these people break the law are they allowed leniency under the law? Why can't politicians figure out it's not ok to break the law?


lol wtf.


This is all a setup for amnesty so Odumbass can get re-elected. It's pathetic that an illegal asshole has more rights than an American Citizen. They get welfare but do not have to follow any laws.


Where are our lefties in the forum? I want someone, just one US Citizen who voted BO to come here and explain why this type of preferential treatment of criminals exists?

I want one person to explain to us why our own states get sued by the feds for tying to enforce Immigration Laws!


We are truly f'king doomed. We are committing suicide as a nation in plain sight, and nobody seems to care.



What everyone here is doing is claiming to be an illegal alien. Yes, if you get pulled over, just tell the cop you're illegal, even if you're a blonde haired blue-eyed surfer from Huntington Beach. That is the scam people are using to get around this.



You are Scandinavian.


... and you're my drunk uncle.


As long as I am not the one driving we should be fine.

Speak any Swedish?


According to a Rasmussen poll 2 weeks ago 75% of likely voters believe that "there should be strict government sanctions on employers who hire illegals"

59% believe that "landlords who rent to illegals should be fined"

Nearly two-out-of-three voters (65%) believe that if a police officer pulls someone over for a traffic violation, he or she should automatically check to see if that person is in the country legally.



What really freaked people out was the during the debt debate where the Congressional Budget Office said that illegal's cost to U.S. taxpayers is between 110-125 BILLION dollars a year.

I bet that made a few folks a little upset.


First....sobriety checkpoints are total bullshit! Revenue generation at it's finest.
Second...either someone has a DL or they don't. Their citizen status should have no bearing on that specific matter.