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Lantos--A New Hero for the Left!


Watch the video.

Can't everyone imagine bradley/lumpy/lixy/and the malignant canadians cheering?!?

Read the comments at the end.


P.S. The dems are pathetic. But, it's fun watching them break their heads against the Rock of Gibraltar that is Petraeus.


I saw the Lantos segment elsewhere, and you're absolutely right... I thought Lantos was great.

Despite what the Republican Party seems to think, the role of Congress is not to stick their heads up the president's ass at every opportunity. It's their job to demand accountability, to hold people's feet to the fire, to ask tough questions, to challenge the president when he is going the wrong direction, and ultimately to represent the views of the home district. Thats exactly what Congressman Lantos did, during the Petraeus hearing.

You should pull your head out, Jeffy. Bush's new policy is the same as the old policy... Stay the Course. After the Splurge is over, we'll go back to pre-Splurge levels. Gosh, what a bold and decisive change in policy. Did you see people joking about how Bush's speech on Iraq last week was a re-run, how the networks screwed up and ran an old speech? He didn't say anything new about Iraq, it's the same old Stay The Course.

The good news is that Bush's Iraq policy seems to be the iceberg, and the Titannic is the Republican Party in the next election. Bush's roughly 30% approval is matched by the roughly 30% approval for Bush's Iraq policy. That's not nearly enough to win elections. So the Republican stalwarts in Congress who have their heads up Bush's ass are actually insuring their own political minority.


Hello, bradley.

First, let me make it crystal clear that NO ONE takes you seriously. Second, I remember your pre-surge contention that Bush was going to "run out the clock."

Then he instituted a bold and aggressive strategy that changed the course of the war.

What did we hear from you? Silence.

Third, I don't site polls. I don't think about polls. I hate polls. However, you seem obsessed with them. Therefore, I must point out that you haven't referenced the Congressional approval rate. If I cared about polls, I might find that suspicious and intellectually dishonest.

Fourth, the current strategy is NOTHING like the old. There is far more Iraqi cooperation. Most importantly, the effort is being led by an American Hero. I've been both amused and saddened as you and your moveon.org surrogates break your head against this ROCK of a man.

Fifth, you are like a broken record. You are pathologically unable to do anything but regurgitate trite little slogans like "stay the course." I can imagine your sweaty, smelly, physically weak pals sitting around rubbing each other's back in glee as you came up with your new garbage slogan: General "betray us."

I wish a non-fatal bowel obstruction on any slime who regurgitates this new slogan.

Sixth, have you noticed how silent we Republicans are regarding your candidate? However, rest assured we are quietly tallying up the various "hsu's."



"Then he instituted a bold and aggressive strategy that changed the course of the war. "

...I see no change. Just less people to kill.


Strange comment. Do you mean more al qaeda are killed and now there are fewer targets?

Please clarify.



No I mean more Iraqis are dead, and therefore violence has gone down.

Al Quaeda wasn't there until we got there, so any positive number of them existing in Iraq is a negative for the "pro-war" side of things.