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Lanky or CountingBeans?


Which one of you is the REAL "Accountant to the Stars"?


Syd Barret visits his accountant:


Lanky, we aren't even sure beans exists.


beans doesn't have a singular consciousness, he's a hive mind cloned from the DNA of great accountants throughout the last three centuries.

Lanky is just a big dude with a big appetite.


lanky ftw...I hope beans doesn't read this, that fucking ginger!


Beans is Professor X


Sweet, I seem to be kicking beansies ass already.

Neil Young and Mike Macdonald had me laughing, they were spot on, lol.


Ha ha, taxes I pwn lanky, complex financials, lanky takes me down...

Steelyd those are gold, but the penalty on early withdrawal from retirement savings is 10% in all instances I believe. And make sure you get a corrected 1099 if you get one issued without code "G" (I believe it is G). If the 1099 is coded as taxable and you call it a roll over, the IRS can get a stick up their ass.

PS. Bass is a fish, a large mouth bass for swallowing large peni


The popular vote means nothing...



Dude, were did the witty replys go?


what the tits is wrong with T-Nation


I'm torn. Beans is my peeps and who can go against Danny Tanner?!?!?!

Bass is still on that ginger kick, ha?


Go with your heart Toots, unlike Lanky, I won't judge you.


What are you guys holding against Hanely? The fact that he doesn't follow GAAP?



I think only the accounting nerds of T-Nation will find this funny.


lankey FTW!




bob saget?


Now that I slept on it, I have to go with beans. But it was a tough decision. LOL.


Dead and out of the running.

Consider yourself judged!