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Lanky Me Just Trying To Get Stronger


Buy a couple of 20 oz baseball bat weights, they fit perfectly on an Olympic bar.


Like these?




What a coincidence. I’ll leave this here for me to read on later when I get home


Meh. It’s overkill


Don’t think I’ll be able to do them in our gym anyway. Lol


Ok, so played volleyball for 2-3 hours today. Definitely feel that something in my left knee on lateral movement. Was able to jump all I want with no pain though, so that was definitely good. Been experimenting with different angles of my feet on squats, and I think more towards parallel feet are putting more torque (?) up towards my knees. I’ll try to squat with toes a little more flared out again and see how my knees respond. BW squats with toes a little flared out seem to not “pull” on my knees, so no pain. I think my flat feet are definitely a factor. Sucks to be addicted to sports and have flat feet. Oh well, play with the cards you are delt. Most likely need to have it checked by an ortho or PT too, just to be sure.