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Lanky Me Just Trying To Get Stronger, Jump A Little Higher

Yup. I’ll either have to ship it or sell it rushed if I get one and move.

@guineapig merry Christmas bruh! Yeah, excited to see what +3kg BW and all this 12 rep stuff will do

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30 December 2020

Split squats holding one 40 lbs DB, 12 x 3 sets

RDLs 40 lbs, 10 x 3 sets

Split squats felt better. Held the DB on the side I’m working on.
RDLs felt really weird today. Not sure why

Ah, so not driving to potentially move? That definitely complicates things

I’d love to drive from Cali to NY for a vacation and take a scenic route, but definitely not for the purposes of moving lol

My closest friend from undergrad moved from the Midwest to Cali by renting a car. It seems like quite the adventure…

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31 December 2020

Pull ups 12, 10, 7, 6, 6

OHP 35lbs, 12, 12, 11

Side laterals
17.5 lbs x 12 ss 5 lbs x 15, 5 sets

Hip huggers 42.5lbs x 12, 4 sets

Supposed to jog but it’s too cold right now in the bay area.

Supposed to lift but here I am, logging pointlessly instead.


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Did it anyway

3 January 2020

Rows ss BP 42.5lbs x 12, 3 sets

Hammer ss regular curls
15lbs x 12 + 5lbs x 15

Rear delt flyes 15lbs x 12, 3 sets

5 January 2020

Split Squats 40lbs, 12 x 3 sets

RDLs 40 lbs, 12 x 3 sets

9 January 2020

Pull ups 12, 10, 6, 6, 6

OHP 35 lbs, 12 x 3 sets

Side laterals
17.5 lbs x 12 ss 5 lbs x 15, 3 sets

Hip huggers 42.5 lbs 12 x 4 sets

12 January 2020

DB Rows ss BP 42.5 lbs, 12 x 5 sets

Hammer ss regular curls
17.5 lbs x 15 ss 5 lbs x 15, 3 sets

How are you gonna survive on the east coast?

You mean jogging in the east coast when it’s cold? That I honestly don’t know. Living in a tropical country for so long, I’ve been playing sports warm all the time and I always chase a good sweat.

Or simply being outside there in winter. Better buy a good coat!

I’m pretty ok up to around 50 F with just a shirt and jeans. I usually just wear a light jacket because it’s so windy here.

Coldest I’ve been to was in China where it was 30s. Definitely thankful i had some thermal on underneath my jeans.

But yeah, visiting is totally different from living in a cold place. My biggest concern is it’s so hard to get out of bed when you’re already toasty under a blanket. Haha

Ha, should be interesting. But you’ll get used to it.

Can’t remember the date

Split Squats 50lbs on one hand, 10 x 3 sets

RDLs 42.5 lbs, 12 x 3 sets

18 January 2020

Pull ups 13, 10, 7, 6, 6

OHP 35 lbs, 12 x 3 sets

Side laterals
17.5 lbs x 12 ss 5 lbs x 20, 5 sets

Hip huggers 42.5 lbs 12 x 4 sets


So regarding that losing the belly thing…

Co-workers ordered jack in the box at work a while ago. I thought their butter burger (?) would be small, so I asked if I could have two patties. Burger came, my head said noooo my heart said yeeeees. Oh and I didn’t know they ordered fries and a taco for me too. They also got bottled coke. What idiot turns down such generosity, right?

Ok so I thought I’ll make up for it by not having dinner, or having a light snack at the most. My folks apparently ordered live crabs. They left one whole crab for me, as big as my palm with fingers fanned out. Being an Asian that grew up in an archipelago, I couldn’t let such magnificent fine piece of specimen go to waste. Oh and that can of mountain dew I was saving in the fridge for a good meal? Yeah…

I guess I’ll just have to start tomorrow :sweat_smile:

@magick, @garagerocker13, @FlatsFarmer

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The only thing wrong was the sugary drinks bro!

How did you prepare the crabs?

Yeah, well glad that was the last one in the fridge!

It was fresh, so just steamed with a little sliced ginger and a little cooking wine added to preserve the natural taste and sweetness of the crab

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The best thing about dieting is that you can always tomorrow People seem to put too much stock in the idea of not falling off once you start. I feel that’s a self-defeating way to go about it.