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Lanky Me Just Trying To Get Stronger, Jump A Little Higher


I think your deadlift will benefit if you gradually push the weight and range of motion on the DB RDLs. I think they’re better than barbell RDLs. Once you get reconditioned, you are definitely able to max out those DBs for this movement.

@guineapig thanks bro, no homo

@sgaw10 Agreed. Right now, that’s the range my tight hammies allow me to go. Let’s see how much I can improve them. I got lots of time before I get back to a barbell. Thanks!


16 September 2020

Pullups 3, 3, 1

Thanks @chickenlittle for making me snap out of the overanalyzing lol


17 September 2020

Pullups 3, 3, 2, 1

Side laterals
12.5 lbs x 10 ss 5 lbs x 15; I think I did 5 sets lol…if I miscounted, then 4

Hip huggers
35 lbs x 10 x 3 sets


Road to a few pull ups.

Great progress, considering that i was overthinking the pullup bar a few weeks back lol

Woah pump is real

Unflexed 31cm
Flexed 35cm

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18 September 2020

Pull ups 3, 3, 3, 2, 1 (kinda cheated on the 3rd set onwards)

Rows ss BP 35 lbs
10 reps + 12 reps
10 reps + 10 reps (miscount)
10 reps + 14 reps (made up for it)

Hammer ss regular curls
15 lbs x 12 + 5 lbs x 15 reps x 3 sets


So I obviously fckd up somewhere. I left my home country ~72kg. It was supposed to be a slow climb building muscle to 75kg. After a board exam, no exercise, and COVID crisis, 6 months later and I’m instantly 75.6kg of belly fat.

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Power belly gains. Its freeing because now u can leave aesthetics behind and acquire max bulk gains

Well the reason I wanna stay within 23-25 BMI is sports. Volleyball players are usually somewhere 22-24 BMI I think

20 September 2020

Walking lunges 35 lbs; 15 steps/leg x 3 sets

RDLs 35 lbs; 10 x 3 sets

Goblet squats 35 lbs; 1 x 30
Damn these Jim Wendler standards lol

Side laterals
12.5 lbs x 12 drop set 5 lbs x 15; 3 sets

OHP 25 lbs x 8, 10, 10
Really should do these first before the side laterals

Hip huggers 35 lbs; 10 x 3


21 September 2020

Pull ups 4, 3, 3, 3, 2, 2

Ok so usually it’s the first rep that’s from a complete dead hang…wondering if I should start all my reps from a dead hang?

Also, I can feel my right lats contracting, not so much my left. I hope it’s not an impinged nerve or something.

It really depends on what you’re trying to do. The actual ROM required on a pull-up is small if your goal is to work your back.

Of course, the goal of a pull-up can also be to… be able to pull yourself over something, in which case you’d need to increase the ROM.


Hmmm…interesting. Not going the full range allows me to keep tension too

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As long as ur consistent. If u do full reps and then set a PR half reps is it really progress. Who knows.


Training the motion with full ROM pullups vs training the muscle with partial ROM and constant tension is interesting!

Soon you’ll be a muscle pumping bro!


Measured my biceps, talked about lat activation, partial ROM, constant tension… oh my god, you’re right, I’m becoming a gym bro now


Btw, how are you and your partner coming along? Baby all healthy?


Gym bro life if pretty cool! Huge arms and shoulders, training schedule is super flexible and your back is never sore.

Pregnancy is going smoothly so far. We’re at like 24 weeks now. My woman has an ultrasound today, but no visitors allowed due to covid so I’m waiting for a phone call update. Thanks for asking.