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Lanky Me Just Trying To Get Stronger, Jump A Little Higher


Guineapigs are deceptive intelligent and inquisitive.

Have a google of Mike Israetel’s “Side Delt Hypertrophy Training Guide” give you some good ideas


Haha! Alright, thanks man!


Ok, so sadly, decided I won’t train today. Deciding to let my left knee completely rest for a couple of days. Hopefully it’s just beat up and nothing serious. Weird thing is, there was no pain directly during squatting. Didn’t have problems when I ran latter that night from my last training session either. Hopefully it’s nothing serious and it just needs some rest. But I’m suspecting it’s from overpronation from my flat feet and squatting barefoot.

Throat has been painful since Sunday too from a mild infection.


Just out of curiosity, @carlbm, what were your stats when you ended stronglifts? did you reach 3x3 and 1x3?


Err it was a long time ago. I was deadlifting 190kg, squats 160-170 maybe. Bench 120. All for 5’s. But I struggled on the intermediate program. I found the volume too low.
Id suggest the texas method. I think its better.


The squats and bench in kg too? Dang, you got far lol

I think I’m most likely hoping on to 5/3/1 for begginers after this


I plugged away for ages. Just kept attacking each session. It got really REALLY hard. Each session used to kill me.
Im also quiet big at 100kg body weight.
If I had 1 bit of advice - don’t grind it out on SL for no reason. Don’t swap early but be ready to swap wheb you start stalling.

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Ohh I see. Yeah, thanks for the advice man. Not liking the feeling of failing reps anymore and looking like an idiot in the gym trying to pull off weights too heavy for me. Lol


Strict OHP by far has been the worst in terms of progression on SL 5x5. Not sure how to fix this yet aside from the obvious - change the program. Lol. Maybe more dumbell overhead pressing for now

Yeah this.
I had some success on doing 5x5 - then the next time doing 5x6or5x7.
Then increase the weight.
But there is no escaping it. Press stalls hard on simple progression models.

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So I’ve read 5/3/1, although first edition. I’ve read a few 5/3/1 articles online here and there about it, as well as some of Jim’s replies in his section here in the forums. Been giving much thought about it, and it seems like 5/3/1 beginners is to my liking since the format is similar to what I’m used to. Gonna get on it April. Might start sooner, but definitely by April.

Basically the program goes like this (with some minor modifications)

Squat 5/3/1 progression, then FSL 3 to 5 sets
Bench 5/3/1 progression

Deadlift 5/3/1 progression, FSL 3 to 5 sets
OHP 5/3/1 progression, FSL 3 to 5 sets

Squat 5/3/1 progression
Bench 5/3/1 progression, then FSL 3 to 5 sets

Gonna try deloading after 2 cycles for now instead of deloading every cycle

I think another good side is that if I can only train twice on certain weeks, it’s easy to drop the second squat and bench day and it wouldn’t really affect the program that much.

Hope you guys with more experience with 5/3/1 drop in from time to time so I don’t mess things up by mistake @chris_ottawa, @bulldog9899, @FlatsFarmer, @guineapig, @mortdk

Edit: punched in the numbers. Not sure if I should go with 85% or 90% TM. 85% is definitely the safer route, but my lifts aren’t that heavy anyway so I’m tempted to go 90%. I’m really not sure


I think it’s better to go 85%. Its good to take 5% off of any percentage based plan the first time you run it. Get a feel for what’s in there and how the 3 workouts go together before you blast off.

It works well for 5/3/1 because if the weight is a little light you just do more, better reps.

Kind of general advice for 5/3/1 is to remember to do Good reps. Don’t do a bunch of sloppy jerk off reps to hit some high number. Keep them pretty clean. Stop the set before your spine shoots out your ass. Then beat that number by a couple reps next time.

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When I did 5/3/1 I used 90% as my training max and it wasn’t a problem, if you aren’t sure it might be better to err on the side of caution. Your estimated max is based on rep maxes and not an actual max single, right? If whatever percentage is going to have you doing AMRAP sets with weights you never lifted before right from the start then going lighter is probably a good idea.

I don’t know what Wendler’s thoughts are these days, I heard he doesn’t recommend “joker sets” anymore, but I think that especially for newer lifters a good setup is 5’s progression (meaning do sets of 5 with the prescribed weights, no AMRAP) and unless you aren’t feeling good you can make another 10% jump or two for heavier sets of 5. The problem is that technique often turns to shit with high reps so keeping the reps somewhat low will avoid that and you still lift some fairly heavy weights and get stronger.

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Jim advocates for a TM at 85% OR and I think you could use that as a baseline for your TM. Use your 5RM weight as TM, another one Jim likes a lot.

I think it’s a good approach.
I would start by using 3 sets FSL when things starts to stall in several month you can go up to 4 and later 5 sets.

Jim states over and over again do NOT do joker sets. He is angry with himself for putting that in the beyond book.
I do however see some experienced guys use the 3 week for joker, because 3 reps is their sweet spot.
However do NOT do joker sets. It’s an advanced part of 531.

Do you have microplates? if yes use them with OHP it seem to stall out pretty quickly and using microplates gives them a little longer run before you have to reset.

Use the 50 reps push/pull/single leg or core for assistance. If you want to save time super or giant set them with the main lift and FSL.

DO NOT START to heavy. You’ll add 10 or 5 pounds every month in a year that’s 120 pounds or 60 pounds to your TM your true max will be higher.

The first couple of cycles you’ll find that on the 5’s week you’ll rep out a lot of reps, that is very fine, you’ll build muscles and get the CNS geared if you’re not sloppy with the reps.

This has been said over and over again by Jim and his fellow lifters that know the reason behind 531.

And do incorporate some jumps and throws along with mobility to the start of the workout.

A long rant for one who really loves Jims work. (and not following it at the moment, But I’ll be back)


Got it. 85% it is. Thanks man!

Yes, calculated from 5 rep max. Never really tested my true 1 rep maxes on anything actually. I’ve never even done triples.

Yeah, was surprised to see him comment in one of the threads here that no one should use them. For a second, I thought he was being sarcastic. Anyway, never planned to use joker sets.
I know you’ve suggested 5’s pro to me before, back when I didn’t have a clue as to what 5/3/1 was. I think I’ll give the 5/3/1 progression a try though, to change things a bit from the usual 5’s. I won’t go ape shit crazy with the “+” sets. I’ve been paying good attention to what it feels like when my form breaks during a set and I can confirm which reps it happens/starts when looking at the video afterwards. Not planning to go to failure on any of the AMRAP sets. Looking at the numbers, I’d be happy to reach 7-8 reps for 5+, 5 reps for 3+, and 2-3 reps for 1+ after a few cycles.

Sadly, we don’t. Bummer. Maybe I’ll do 2.5 lbs increments per cycle instead of 5 lbs once it starts to stall

Thanks for the rant lol. Why’d you stop 5/3/1 though? Your log is too long for me to look for the reason if it’s there haha.


My thumb rule is to cap the 5+ at 10, 3+ at 8 and 1+ at 5, even if I can do more. Starting with 85% as your training max, you should be able to come close to that for your first couple of cycles.

Also, microplates are cheap, I just bought my own when my gym didn’t have them and I needed them.


I stopped because some shiny new objects appeared. First I altered it a little bit, for DL I used the Kroc deadlift, it suits fine with 531.
Then I got all hooked up on Brian Alsruhes Darkhorse and went straight into CT’s Simple Guaranteed Strength and Size.
Right now I’ve been tinkering with my own powerbuilder program. Will finish that up in about a month and a half.
Then I’ll go a more bodybuilding style.
I’ve been thinking about doing 531 for the main lift and then maybe BBB template with some bodybuilding stuff after.
But we’ll see it can change a lot.
If you have a 5RM use that weight, you don’t have to calculate first a E1RM then take 85% from that. Just use the 5RM weight.
Pretty easy.
As Steve said the 1’s week should be 5 reps or more I would say for the first stint you could keep going until it’s 3 reps and then recalculate from there.
Keep track of all you Rep Pr’s. So you know what number to beat.

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Get gud at pull ups. Will give the illusion of a more aesthetic physique and accentuate width/shoulders


I second 85% just starting out. You can always readjust if needed down the road.

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Alright, seems like a good start. Based on the numbers and at 85%, yeah I can realistically do the 1+ at 5 reps for 3 sets for now. Will tone it down a bit as I add cycles

I really don’t mind spending a little extra cash and having to bring it with me all the time. Problem is is the acquiring part. I don’t think it’s sold anywhere in the country. Lowest are 1.25kg plates. Will try to see if I have relatives coming from the states

Oh you tease. Lol. But yeah, I’d really love to be good at them

Alright, thanks @bulldog9899!


Wow, seems like you’re having fun with experimenting with lots of stuff for training!

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