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Lanky Lifters


Hey Jim quick question. I understand that that supplemental exercises will never be a priority over the main lifts. I've never really seen this question asked before and I'm doing my best not to major in the minors but the stronger I get the more and more Im noticing that im struggling at lockout on the bench and squat. Im 6'3 with long ass limbs and coming out of the hole of the bench and squat have never really been a problem for me. What would you recommend? Thank you for your time, appreciate it !


Cdodd07, what are your current best lifts? I ask for a reason.

You and I are the same height, so I may be able to offer some insight.


This is simple - get bigger. Eat more and get thick.


In 6'4 but never really had these issues. If anything I'd say the bottom of the Lifts are harder.

For bench why not add some floor presses or board presses. Not sure about the squat. If you can get down to Parallel and back up in surprised the top lockout is an issue.


I'm also 6'5 guy with same kind of problems, press and bench are weak in the middle.

Like Wendler said: gaining mass is the best option. Only way I have gotten my presses up is raising my body weight and doing a lot of volume pressing (I'm just so fuckin' bad at doing hypertrophy-based programs).


I'm nowhere near as tall as some of these guys (a measly 6"), but I've had success in the past lowering the weight on my assistance and pausing it at the sticking point, wherever that may be.