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Laner's Log


After doing about 5 months of doing this workout

Mon - Bi's/Chest

Flat bench 3x8 90kg
Incline db bench 3x10 28kg in each hand
Decline db bench 3x10 30kg in each hand

Standing bicep curl 3x10 35kg
Preacher curl 3x10 30kg
alternate dumbell curl 3x10 16kg in each hand

Wed - Legs / delts

Squat 3x5 120kg
calf raises 3x10 200kg ( on leg press machine )

standing military press 3x10 50kg
side raises 3x10 12kg
upright row 3x10 35kg

Fri - Back / tri's

BO row 3x10 50kg
lat pull down 3x8-10 90kg
seated cable row 3x10
deadlift 3x8-10 130kg

dips 3x8-10 BW
skullcrushers/cg bench (superset) 3x10 (x2) 40kg
tricep extensions/push downs 3x10

I have decided that this is too much volume and that the muscles are not being trained frequently enough so I am trying to decide on whether to do a full body 3 times a week with an exercise for each muscle group (6 exercises - 4 compound/ 2 iso) as I found in an article on this site or whether to stick with this which I am going to attempt this week:

Mon - chest/bi's/delts

flat db bench 3x10 36kg
cable crossover 3x10

chins 3x4/5 (BW)
standing EZ bar curls 3x10 35kg

DB shoulder press 3x10 28kg in each hand
upright row 3x10 35kg

tues - Back/tris/legs
squats 3x5 120kg
calf raises 3x10

BO row 3x10 50kg
Deadlift 3x5 145kg

dips 3x10 BW
skullcrushers 3x10 40kg

thurs and fri repeat with slight changes e.g. incline db bench instead of flat bench.

Any ideas about which to choose would be much appreciated

cheers Laner



First day of trying out higher frequency training

DB bench 1x10 34kg, 1x9 36kg, 1x10 36kg

DB press 1x10 28kg, 1x9 28kg, 1x8 28kg

chins 1x5, 1x4, 1x4

cable crossover 3x10

standing curls 1x10 35kg, 1x9 35kg, 1x6 35kg, 1x5 35kg

upright row 3x10 40kg

Most things a bit shaky and could do with a spot just for some reassurance when squeezing the last rep out. This workout is a bit of a killer even though it doesn’t sound much it takes a lo t out of you but it takes about half the time as previous workout so it’s all good. really felt it in my left bi doing cable crossovers for some reason, may have been twinged when doing chins which was the reason for dodgy curls, feels like a little knot right on the peak but they usually disappear after a while.



squats 1x6 60kg, 3x5 120kg
split squat 3x5 28kg dumbells

BO row 1x10 50kg, 2x10 60kg (supinated grip)
Lat pull down 3x10

dips 3x10 BW
push downs 3x10

2km row

Squats getting better after a long lay off with injury, just a matter of being able to find a weight I can do comfortably without a spot unless I grab 2 guys to help.

split squats were disgusting - appear to have no balance whatsoever

BO row easier than expected - have previously being T-bar row and seated row instead

Lat pulldown average

dips and pushdowns felt fine

Feel like I am achieving a lot more and not slugging through as I was previously the real test will be on thursday on recovery from monday and whether I will be able to keep it up. left bi still feeling tight but only during hard concentric contractions.



recovery day - hammies feel so sore from split squats, stretched all muscle groups throughout the day and bis, chest and delt’s feel fully recovered for tomorrow.

forgot to include various core exercises done yesterday and monday including;

60s plank
30s side plank each side
swiss ball crunches with 4kg med ball behind head x 25
swiss ball back extensions with 4kg med ball x 25
isometric squat against wall 4mins.

Short term goals:
1)Develop fitness to a level where I can play a full rugby match before season begins.
2)Get into county team
3)Reach 100kg bench for 6-8 reps
4)Reach 10 reps for chins

Long term goals:
1)remain injury free
2)reach 150kg squat for 5 reps
3)drop to 98-100kg (15.5-16 stone)


Had a rugby meeting for school today, given a 6 week training programme to complete for next season, tried it out today and although originally I thought it might be lacking in isolation/direct exercises when finished it is pretty tough and will probably help me better for rugby specific fitness than the split I was doing

3x10 DB single arm snatch 20kg - these were more taxing than i thought they would be, will step the weight up next session

3x10 DB high pull 20kg - hard work after doing snatches before, again will raise the weight, mainly concentrating on form

3x10 BB seated good morning 30kg (not sure about form)- might substitute this with standing good morning

3x10 Nordic raise (glute ham raise)

3x10 chin ups (with spot) BW - had a spot hold my ankles so i could get 10 reps out

3x20 decline med ball overhead situp 5kg ball

3x10 Hammer grip DB curls 14kg - light weight but was feeling dead after chin ups.

3x10 tricep push downs

I think I may lose quite a bit of size doing this but will do exra chins ad pressups at home to try and maintain.


I have decided to continue with the chest/bi’s/shoulder - back/legs/tri’s split until the summer holidays and then do the 6 week programme given to me at school then return to my own programme during the season which will probably a generic fullbody as i will be training for rugby most days.

missed mondays session due to heavy drinking session sunday night (well most of the weekend)
probably best to have a break anyway as I had a dire session friday and decided to go for a run instead of rumble on with a poor session

Leg press 1x10 150kg
1x10 200kg
2x6 250kg

lunges 2x8 50kg (still having problems with balance)

calf raises 2x12 250kg (on leg press)
1x10 250kg

BO row 1x10 65kg (supinated)
2x10 65kg (pronated)

Lat pull down 2x10

DB extension 1x10 34kg
2x10 38kg

BW dips 2x10

10 min treadmill
2km row ~8mins

Finally losing a bit of weight, not sure how after 3 days of drinking, might be down to eating less/drinking more? down from 105/6kg to 102.5kg no real visible change.

Any advice on strength training methods for legs as i don’t want to put on any more mass (26inch thighs)
Was doing x5 on squats maybe even lower x3 for just strength gains?

I know this has been a bit messed up cause of decisions on training plans but this is definitely what I am going to be doing from now on. Hopefully try to make maximum strength and mass gains until july 17th (end of term) then focus on rugby specific for 6 weeks then return to general weight training through the season until December/January when school season finises but club continues so will drop from 4-5 days of rugby training to 2