Landmine Press - Lifesaver

I haven’t been able to do a military press of any sort for as long as I can remember (at least 10yrs)if I do I can’t sleep for a couple nights from pain. I’ve never had it looked at, because my bench never suffered, I’ve been able to bench over 300-400lb pain free since my early 20s and I’m now 40, I thought I’d tried every kind of overhead press posible including machines and DBs with no luck.

I don’t feel any pain while I’m pressing it’s that night, and for the following week I’m not able to bench or do dips without my left shoulder in agony. So I had given up on overhead pressing, last week while doing T bar rows, I picked up the front of the bar and started pressing over head with one hand(I’d seen a pic here before)I got a great shoulder pump and no pain, I was able to do a heavy bench workout a day latter no pain. I’m always the last one to come around to a new exercise(new to an old smuck like me) I tend to stick to what works.

I thought I’d share this, in case there’s other stuberin fools like me out there, mabey some other’s have found exercises that get around injurys