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Landmine Attachment Stuck

Looking for advice from those more handy than I. A few months ago I picked up the Titan clean and jerk attachment. I was using it so often I had left it on the bar but now I can’t seem to get the damn thing off at all

Any ideas would be appreciated

I’d wet it down inside of the collar or the big attachment part with wd-40 or pb-blaster, then while pulling and twisting, have somebody tap on it with a deadblow hammer so that it vibrates and inches off.

You can use a regular hammer too, just pad it so that you don’t beat the crap out of everything.


I agree with @SkyzykS
And use a twisting motion like you are trying to unscrew it. If all else fails use a pipe wrench.


Thanks @SkyzykS and @ChickenLittle I had only gotten as far as wd40 and pulling on the thing. tomorrow will have to go back and add the twisting and the hammer and see if that is all my approach was missing

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