landing technique

Can anyone give me pointers on correct landing technique and how to achieve it? Im talking one leg/ two legs, up/forward and up

I’m told that this has a great effect on knee stability and health so it’s obviouslu importnat…


what are you talking about? jumping?

Great question that unfortunately is is a complex issue to without the use of photos. However proper landing and for that matter the counter-movement in your VJ demonstrates proper postural alignment, core stability, dynamic rom, posterior chain strength with particular emphasis on some serious hamstring strength. You can never underestimate the importance of hamstring strength and management of eccentric loading. One tell-tale sign to consider with a profile image of your own landing - is whether you are landing to jump up or out.

I hope that helps and best of luck in your training.

In faith,

Coach Davies

want to land as quietly as possible I think.

I land on my toes and roll back

Thanks coach davis!

I what do you mean by “up or out”?

is there any recomended reading on the subject that you can point me to?



I think means wether you jump straight back up after landing or forward etc