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Landcruiser Opinions


Anyone here got a Toyota Landcruiser the late 90's early 00's type ? Looking for opinions its the larger one and not the smaller 'Colorado' (at least in Europe) model. I presume both models are similar in the US and elsewhere, apart from the Lexus models in US. (I did Google). Engines are 4.2 TD and 4.7 petrol V8. Any issues with age too ?

The pic is the model I mean, this particular one is a late 2000 model I found on Google.


Looks nice. Just one problem, the steering wheel is in the wrong place.



Nothing says 'country' more than a Land ROver old chap. Get one!


Do you need the space or are you just looking to waste gas?



Want comfort and reliability !


I bought a horse and I want to tow it. I have a diesel Bimmer 330D its sucking my life away, peeca shit, how people think they are such a great car is beyond me. I want a powerful 4x4 and don't want an X5 or Range Rover.


Worked on them for years. Cant go wrong. It IS a Toyota. Comfort, reliability and nice power..
Great buy.

Usually you can find them used because no one gets rid of them.


Ah, thank God. No need for an ecological rant then :slightly_smiling:


Thanks for the input, I bought an 03 from a Toyota Dealer with the 4.2 TD lump. Hope it'll do more then 20 mpg (UK gallon is 4.54 litres) cos derv is ?4.55 a gallon. The 4.7 V8 petrol model is juice guzzling extremity.

Not got it yet, got to wait till next week. A guy came to look at my bimmer and I told him I got a Landcruiser, he promptly said should have got an X5. I asked him to leave.