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Land of the Free


O rly?


Who is the G dancing in the background? I want to have a drink with that dude


Oh yeah and fuck the pohlice


What the fuck did I just watch? Surreal.


As if that's real.
Don't tread on me, hahaha, not any more. Btw I think this is awful.


Cops having a day out.. They gonna run outta handcuffs at that rate.

Whats the deal though? Where is that place? Are people really not allowed to dance and kiss there or were those people being dicks before and the video just started rolling halfway through?


I'm pretty sure they are at the Jefferson Memorial, where there is a precedent (http://dcist.com/2010/01/judge_rules_against_jefferson_memor.php) that you aren't supposed to be disruptive (i.e. dance). They knew exactly what sort of response they were going to get when they did that.


In what way is dancing disruptive?


Dancing is disruptive?


How is that disruptive? And disruptive of what exactly? Were the cops' actions somehow not disruptive? The guy getting choked out while on the ground with his hands raised seemed especially excessive.
But whatever, everyone knows Jefferson hated dancin' and kissin'.


Well that was stupid.


Exactly. They were deliberately breaking the law which prohibits any action that interferes with 'an atmosphere of calm, tranquility, and reverence'. Fuck them. Hope they're all convicted.


You're right, gentle swaying really interferes with 'an atmosphere of calm, tranquility, and reverence'.


I'm in the unenviable position of being against the douchebags that went there to provoke a reaction, AND the fucking rentacops excessive response.

However, strungoutboy saves the day with epic avatar.


I wouldn't be surprised if the whole thing is a put on. The cops aren't even real I mean.

But if it is real, one the one hand I can say that the police there have too much power, but I can still be happy to see that douchy guy with the aviator sunglasses get thrown to the ground. The woman was annoying too.


They were hugging and kissing. That's not fucking reverential behaviour. You don't hug and kiss during the minutes silence on Veterens' day. These turds were deliberately trying to provoke a response. None of the cops acted violently or with excessive force in any way.


The Cops are real. They're Federal 'Park Police'. The Park Police even have their own SWAT teams. The dicks that were arrested were deliberately breaking the law and trying to get a response.


Wow... land of the free, my ass.

You can tell those fuckers were on a power trip.

So much for bombing other countries in the name of democracy and freedom.

Actually... why am I even surprised about this kind of shit?


a perfect example of how this country isn't a free country as it says it is. day by day, our freedoms are being eroded. you can't do this and you can't do that. sorry, but freedom to me means no limits. unless you are hurting someone else, you should be allowed to do whatever the hell you want. Theres a reason many rich people or celebrities move to france or many other countries. fact is, if cops don't like what your doing, whether its legal or not, they will stop you. which in itself is illegal. just cause you don't like what someone is doing, doesn't make it illegal.


reverence, why should i or anyone else revere anyone. who are they for us to revere. your 1st ammendment rights don't dissapear when you enter a building. or some sacred stupid place. 1st ammenedment rights apply everywhere.