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Land of the Free (State by State)


Pretty interesting

Least: New York, New Jersey, California

Most: New Hampshire, South Dakota, Indiana <--- shocking given that they just trounced the 4th amendment.


Personally thought AR would be better.....


New Jersey doesn't surprise me.


Looks like the states with the highest taxes and majority Democrats are the least free.


The much maligned "fly over states" appear to have the most freedom.

While the far more "liberal" coasts appear to have the least....

/The LDS church is keepin' a brother down here...


SD for the win!

Freedom is inversely correlated to how far the overlords have to travel away from their command posts to expropriate your property.


Also nice to see New Hampshire up there too...just because I love their state slogan


I would love to cheer for Wreckifornia, but I would never give our Democratic Mafia the pleasure.


These fucks are getting pretty good at traveling; Iraq, Afghanistan, etc. HA! Watch out SD!


The social restrictions are getting out of hand here in NY. They just banned smoking in parks and on beaches. I'm glad no one can smoke inside anymore, but come on.


Banning smoking in a public park makes more sense than banning it in a private business.


Compare 1st Chart with this one.....

Liberal vs Conservative


Notice I made no reference to the technology employed to enslave people.

Obviously, states are very limited in their resources but I imagine there are politicians scheming every second of the day to figure out ways to transfer more powers to the state.


They just banned chocolate and strawberry flavored milk from schools here, because they are unhealthy. But the soda machines? ... oh they get to stay.


Hahahahaha...sorry I'd be pissed if I lived there.


I am moving to South Dakota!


Legally, not practically.


People are ridiculous. Chocolate milk isn't health food but it's sure better than Mountain Dew.


Utah people will get all stabby on your ass if you try and take away their Dew.

/Cold caffeine for the win!!