Lanchefan1's 5/3/1 Log

Ok need to post the past couple days…

Did some squats 5@240, 3@270 and 3@305, accessory work was step ups and stiff leg DL.

Today was Bench 5@170, 3@190 and 1@215 last set was a struggle to lock out (I know my bench sucks ass, it has never been a strong point). Did some incline DB bench, cable rows and some floor presses.

Will hold the bench weight the same for the next month in hopes of getting more reps.

Hard to believe that it’s been since the 24th??

Well had to concentrate on studying my ass off so I could advance to my next grade and get a little bit of a raise!!

So today was squats and it was rough, could tell I have been laying off.

5@215, 5@250 and 5@280. Followed up with front squats 5x10-12, did some stiff leg DL 5x12 and seated calf.

Finished with 10 min on the stairmaster kicking my butt!

Ok today was a scheduled cardio day. Spent 20 min on the precor various elevation and difficulty also going forward and backwards.

Then did the Cosgrove Complex, ended up going lighter than I should have but it was a good way to set a benchmark.

Tomorrow it’s back at it with Bench day!

Alright time to catch up, Benched last week 5@150, 5@175 and 5@195. Yea i KNOW my bench still sucks ass. Did some accessory work, dumbbell incline, hammer rows and some bar shrugs.

Did the Waterbury complex on 11/16.

Now today was deadlifts 5@195, 5@225 and 7@255. Did some reverse lunges, some back extensions followed by some rope pull throughs and standing calf raises. Then spent 20 minutes on the treadmill.

Ok did the military press day on the 20th started at 5@85 and worked up to 5@100 and 7@115.

Followed up with pulldowns (trying to get strength up for chins) 5@135, 5@150, 7@180.
Did some chin negatives with an extra 25# followed by some dips with 25# on the belt and kroc rows.

At the firehouse yesterday spent some time on the treadmill followed by some crossfit style 21-15-9 with wall ball, push ups and sit ups and more running.

Ok this week was a tough one with Thanksgiving and a Bronco game that night (south stands!).

11/24 squat! 3@230, 3@265 AND 3@295 - these were by no means deep enough on the last set at all. After this cycle is done I’m going to have to lighten them up and work on my depth.

Other shit front squat with 85#, stiff leg deads with 95 and seated calf with 90. Also figured out a way to do glute ham raises only did 2x6 with only body weight cause they sucked ass.

The 25th, 26th and 27 were spen running my ass off with a break for eating turkey in between lol.

11/28 Bench (at the firehouse) which sucks to begin with but I did it anyway.

3@160, 3@185 and 1@210 (no spotter) no sure what happened but it just was not going to go back up for a 2nd rep. Tried and I think I looked like I belonged in St. Louis.

Did some DB incline bench 5@50, some rows on a freemotion cable machine 5@100 and some shrugs on the same machine 5 till failure.

Not real pleased with the bench numbers either so I may need to hold that number over for another month.

Wow I really dislike this time of year and trying to get into the gym. Too damn much stuff happening!!

Managed to get in and squat to day FINALLY!!

5@250, 3@280, miss@315 it was shitty didn’t even make it down. Unracked it and knew it wasn’t going to happen.

Did some Romainian DL, seated calf, Glute-Ham and some front squats with DB’s.

Finished with a complex at the end.

Well time to get back after taking the holiday off.

Some cardio at work followed by the Cosgrove complex (unfortunately interrupted by a call)

Tomorrow it’s back to 5/3/1

Ok back on the horse, backed my weights off on my squat so I can get my form back and build up from there.

Yesterday’s workout:

5@165, 5@195 and 8@225 - used one of the jump platforms as a depth guide and didn’t sit down only touch and go.

Followed up with leg press 5x15@270 with leg curls (seated) 5x12@135 and calf raises 5X12@90.

Did some hip mobility work and walked/ran on the treadmill for 15.

Ok did my bench workout yesterday…

5@140, 5@165 and 7@185 using a max of 215 (backed off a little to try and build up again)

db bench 5@55, hammer row 5@105, did some db shrugs with 95 for 5 sets and some ez bar curls with 80.
Also did treadmill walk/run for 15 min.

Tring to take my weights up on all lifts to see if I can improve.

Today is just cardio going to see if I can use my new prowler today.

Also did my weight is at 217.2 and 20.6?, maybe I’ll post a pic…

Alright took a day off for recovery and then came to work. Why does the firehouse make you tired??

Did 20 min on the treadmill today followed by some crossfit style stuff. Nothing major, tomorrow it’s back to 5/3/1.

Did the deadlifting today,

5@195, 5@225, 7@255 not bad could have possibly done 8 but my grip was failing bad.

Good mornings 5x10@50, leg lifts 5X12 with standing calf 5x12@90 and some knee locks

Finished with my Christmas present by finally using my prowler!!!

Put 90#'s on it and did 5 pushes and pulls (each one was about 50 feet both directions).

Ok today was military and pulldowns at the firehouse.

Can’t really say I hit the exact numbers, low ceiling in the workout room made it impossible to do standing presses. So I did it with the cable machine and also some dumbbells.

Did some pulldowns at about the correct weight, then fucked around with some floor presses some shoulder raises and some bi and tri work.

Finished with 15 min on the eliptical before getting another call (#10 or 11 for the day so far).

Wow this was a rough set and I still have 6.5 hours to go!!

So far our total run count is at 25, which one may not think is a bad thing until you realize that in the first 24 we ran 23 of those! So needless to say no workout on the 2nd day of my set it was spent catching up on sleep, which I am still behind on.

Ok some more catching up here.

Did squats last week they felt good and had good depth and 225 went for 8 reps.

Today did bench 3@155, 3@175 and 4@195 felt good but dragging but from work.
Did some Hammer Rows 5x8@110, some DB bench 5x10@55, 3 sets of DB shrugs w/95 and some bar curls with 80#.

Finished with a Tabata and some Econo Prowler work 6 pushes/4 pulls with 90#'s on it (so it calculated correctly 160 total weight).

Ok reset time, this past month has been so messed up with dr appointments and kids stuff.

So I restarted today with squats 5@165, 5@195

Alright yesterday was bench, back to the begining.

5@140, 5@165, 6@185 might have been able to get 7 (maybe)

hammer row 5x8@115 per side, DB incline 5x10@50 with DB shrugs w95#. Ended with bar curls 3x8@80 and 14 min on the treadmill.

Today is at the firehouse so I’ll do a complex and some treadmill time. It sucks I can’t bring my prowler in and use it, but the hood I’m working in if I leave it outside and go on a call it will be gone!

Ok wife had an accident last week that really jacked up all training.

On 2/4 did deadlifts 5@195, 5@225

Ok did squats on 2/12
3@175, 3@200, 6@225 worked on form and depth, both coming along nicely.
Then did leg press 5x15@250, glute ham with no weight and seated calf raises. Also did some hip work.
Finished with prowler pushes 6 laps back and forth 170# total.

2/14 at the firehouse!!
Hoping I can get my ultimate cardio workout tonight and get a fire.

Did bench 3@155, 3@175, 4@195.
Did some dumbbell bench 4x10@60, did some rows with a barbell and some shrugs. Also did some DB curls and spent some time on the treadmill.

Ok today was cardio, did the Cosgrove evil 8!

Did it with 65#'s and since my 24hr has an indoor track and 6 laps = 1 mile it works perfect with this workout.

So at the end of each set of reps it’s run 1 lap, then do the 90 sec rest.

Finished with some mobility work.