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Lanchefan1's 5/3/1 Log


Well I'm starting a new log since I'm only on workout program now! Today was getting back to it after two weeks off in Cali.

Today was box squats 5 reps at 210 & 240, finishing with 7 @ 270.

Also did 5x15 Leg Press @ 230 and seated leg curls 5x12 @ 120.

Since today should have been a cardio day I did 10 min on the stairmaster and 15 on the treadmill.

The weights aren't huge by any means but I'm progressing in the right direction!


Alright today was the chest workout but I was definately not feeling it for some reason.

Bench 5@145, 5@170 and 5@190

Followed by dumbell bench 3x15 @ 40 and one arm rows 3x10 @ 65.

Not big weights but still making improvements


Alright yesterday was cardio and GPP (which equals doing yardwork!). Today was an off and day and back to the firehouse. Tomorrow will be back to it!


Alright today was on the bottle, put on the SCBA got on the eliptical. Kept the HR around 145-155 and went until I was out of air in the bottle. Made it 23:00 on a 30 min bottle which is very respectable. Tommorrow back at it with deadlifts!


Well trying to get caught up and back on track. At the firehouse today, did some training drills on air testing how much work one can do before having to exit. Finishing up with some cardio tonight while watching the donkeys play the bears.


Ok yesterdays workout consisted of:

Squat 3@225, 3@255 & 4@290

Assistance work was leg press 5x15@230 with

leg curls 5x12@ 120 and seated calf @95.

Today was 20 min on the Precor various levels and resistance, followed by 5 min on the stairmaster @ 65/min finishing with a 1 mile run in 9:35.

Tomorrow it's bench day!


Ok some quick catch up before work.

Did bench the other day 3@160, 3@180 & 3@205

Did 5x15 of incline db bench and 5x10 on the hammer row.

Finished with a mile run.

Today was the Waterbury complex 3 rounds with a run added to the end of each round (my 24 hour has a track 6 laps = mile), finished with a mile run/walk.

Now off to the firehouse for 36 exciting hours with a full day of MDA Fill the Boot tomorrow!


Well today was a workout in itself. A full day of walking and collecting money for MDA! All for a worthy cause!


Alright today was deadlift, I do them a little more sumo style.

3@205, 3@235, 5@265

followed by 5x12 good morning's and leg raises with stand calf raise 5x15.

Ended with a 1 mile run for cardio.


Ok time for some catch up! After an extremely busy set at work managed to get in a couple of workouts on the off days.

On 9/19 did the bench work 5@170, 3@190, 1@215. Followed by DB incline 5X15@35 and Hammer row 5x10@80/side. Finished with 15 min on the treadmill walking at 15% @ 2.5mph.

Today was deadlifts 5@215, 3@255, 3@270 would have done a little more on all but some a-hole had all the 2.5 plates hidden away somewhere. Finished with leg raises and calf work. No cardio cause the boys had to be picked up from school. One more workout and start a new cycle.


Alright today was an extra shift at the firehouse so I had to change it up and bench today.

5@145, 5@170 & 5@190 followed with incline db bench 5x15@40 and db row 5x12@60.

Finished with 22 min on the treadmill 2 min walk (3.5/6%) and run (6.3/1%). So not a bad workout while on shift.


Good work so far! Are you in Denver, if so, where do you train? I train at Better Bodies.


I'm at the 24 hour fitness down on Parker and Arapahoe.

Today was the squat workout it went down alright, changed from box squats to standard wide stance.

5@210, 5@240, 7@270. Changed it up with lunges 4x15@ 20#db's, stiff leg DL 5x12@50 with seated calf 5X12@95.

Finished up rowing for 10 min at level 5 at a steady 30spm.

Tomorrow is some basic cardio to loosen the stiffness that is already setting in from today!


Oh, you're at the huge, nice gym with all the amenities. I lifted their once and they didn't let me use chalk. I'm at the Better Bodies on Iliff/Chambers. We'll have to hook up some time to train or run a hill.


Yeah their kind of a pain in the ass about some things (but the scenery is worth it). Yeah I was at the better bodies in Lakewood for awhile but moved to 24hr on a killer deal and to the new one when it opened.

The liquid chalk is the way around the chalk issue.


Alright yesterday was an off day, at the firehouse and trying to catch up on sleep (difficult to do here!)

But today I did one of the complexes, the Tuminelo (sp?) one. Only did 3 sets and ran intervals for 15 min before that. Had to leave something in the tank just in case since I'm at work.


Ok today was deadlifts

start with 5@190, 5@220 and 8@250

Followed with Good Mornings 5x12@85 and stand calf with 75 and leg raises for 5x15.

Finished with rowing for 2k meters in 9:04 on level 6.


Alright time to get caught up, after two exciting days at the firehouse yesterday it was time to do some squats!

3@225, 3@255 & 4@290. I don't think I'm going deep enough again so more work on the hip flexors and maybe back to squatting onto a lower box may help with that.


Alright todays workout was strictly cardio.

Did 20 min on the precor various elevations and resistance going both forwards and backwards.

Followed that with the Waterbury complex for 3 rounds with a run around the track and 10 situps added in at the end of each one. Total time on it was 17:30. Tonight at home will be some foam rolling to loosen up the hamstrings, hip flexors and back.


Alright life's been too busy, time to pick up the slack here.

10/9 Bench 3@160, 3@180, 4@205 = followed by DB incline 5X15@40 and the Hammer Row 5x10@90/side. Finished with some Barbell shrugs 5xFAIL@225 (till grip failure).

Worked a couple of firehouse days and was totally lazy at my new station assignement.

Picked back up today with deadlifts 3@205, 3@235, 5@265 = did some back raises 5x12 and rev lunges w/twist holding 25# plate 5x20. Finished up with 10 min on the treadmill.