Lancey's Log

I thought this would be a good time for me to start a log - I’ve just come to the end of freshers’ week at univesity and I’m getting back into a serious training mindset after a week of undoing good work

Anyway, today I’m around 85kg, 5’10/5’11 and a little less conditioned than i have been previously
My pb gym lifts are 175kg, 110kg, 235kg. But as evidenced by the lower body session i did yesterday, I’ve got a little catching up to do with myself over the next few weeks - Its amazing how far back you can go in a week.

My goals are strength and size in equal measure

feel free to advise me - the one thing that may come up that I’m set on is frequent deadlifting

yesterday’s session: Lower body (in which i include lower back and ant. core)

A: Front Squat 100kg; 5*5 - just easing myself back into things

B1: Conventional DL 185; 33
B2: Reverse Cruncg bw; 3

C1: GM 20kg; 215
C2: OH Squat 20kg; 2

D1: Calf Raise on machine (setting 70); 220 - i do these similarly to the way DC recomends in terms of tempo and contraction
D2: Plank; 2

As you can see this is nothing special, just easing my way back into serious training

Upper Body - Shoulders and Arms Focus

I’ve taken up competitive rowing so I’m being sparing with upper back work for a while. I feel this is ok for now since its already my best feature along with chest. If it starts to interfere with my weights too much, I’ll drop it

A1: Military Press 52.5kg; 8,7,7
A2: BB Curl 40kg; 3*10

B1: lateral DB raise 12kg; 212
B2: Seated DB Clean 28kg; 2
5 - just trying these out, I’ll probably replace them soon

C: Face Pulls (good chunk of the stack for 17or 18

D: Preacher Curl Machine on setting 55kg; done in DC-style r-p;5-1-1

E: Rack Lockouts (not sure which pin, but not too high) 80kg done in DC style r-p; 9-4-2

Then I joined my training partner for a dropset of DB Curls 14kg for 13, 12kg for 5

I know the DC style sets seem out of place adn may not be a good idea, but i want to try them if only for a while. They’re a remnant from doing DC and liking what it did for my arms.


A: Back Squat 130kg; 5*5 - still easing into things

B1: Deadlift from a deficit 160kg; 35
B2: Reverse Crunch bw; 3

C: Unilateral Leg Press setting 49; 2*8,8

D: Calf Raise setting 84; 12

E1: GM 70kg; 35
E2: OH Squat 30kg; 3

today - had very little time

A1: CGBP 70g; 55 - definately underestimated the weight i should have used
A2: Hang Clean 70kg; 5

B1: Incline DB Bench Press 28kg; 10,12
B2: Wide grip pullups w/ bodyweight; 2*10

This was all done with very little rest because of time constraints

yesterday; not a normal session, just found myself in the gym without anything to do, so tried some new things:

BB Complex of;
Back Squat
with 30kg

Complex of
Back Squat
with 40kg

Then tried an EDT 15min pr zone
EZ Curls 30kg
Skullcrushers 30kg
both 75

then a bit of rowing

like I said, just trying new things, but i quite enjoyed the edt style of training for arms isolations
I have a normal legs session planned for today

Lower body training today

A: Front squat 105kg; 5,5,4,4,5
technique was miles off, kept losing it forwards, I’ll probably deload and build up. This was the most frustrated i’ve ever been in the gym

B1: Conv. Deadlift 190kg; 33
B2: Reverse Crunch bw; 3

C1: GM 25kg; 215
C2: OHS 25kg; 2

D1: Calf Raise on machine, setting 77; 2*20 (using DC tempo as a guideline)
D2: Plank bw; 70s

yesterday, I was tired and sore, but went to the gym anyway and did ok

A1: Military Press 52.5kg; 38
A2: BB Curl 45kg; 3

B1: Lateral Raise 10kg; 214
B2: Upright Row 40kg; 2

C: Face Pulls

D: Machine Preacher, setting 55 (DC-style r-p) 5-2-2

E: Board Press (using a foam roller as a board) 85kg (DC-style r-p) 8-5-4

1km row on ergo

30th october:
A: Back Squat 100kg 5*12

B1: Deadlift from deficit 170kg; 35
B2: Reverse Crunch 3

C: Seated leg press, setting 119; rest-paused 30-10-8
i wasn’t planning on using such high reps but i’m not used to the machine and the weight was less challenging than i thought

31st october

A1: CGBP 75kg; 55
A2: Chin-up (semi-supinated) bw+20kg; 5

B1: Incline DB Bench Press 30kg; 10,12
B2: HS Row 80kg; 2*12

Then rowed 2km for time on an ergo

today; feeling a bit sore in my quads from circuit training yesterday, which comprimised my squatting

A: Back Squat 135kg; 5,5,1

B1: Deadlift from deficit 170kg; 35
B2: Reverse Crunch 3

C: Leg Ext. (setting 50) 1*20

Row 400m for time twice


A1: CGBP 80kg;55
A2: Chin-up (semi-supinated) bw+21.15kg; 5

B1: Incline DB Bench Press 32kg; 10,11
B2: HS Row 85kg; 2*12

C: Face Pull

D: Lateral-Front raise superset 2*(10,5)

F: Row 2k for time

today, didn’t go well

A: Front Squat 105kg; 5,5,4

B: Back Squat 80kg; 2*20

C1: Conventional Deadlift 195kg; 3,2
C2: Reverse Crunch 2*19

D: Calf Raise, setting 84: 1*20 (controlled tempo)

E: Leg Extension, setting 50: 1*25


A1: Military Press 52.5kg; 9,9,8
A2: BB Curl 45kg; 8,6 40kg*8 very strict tempo

B1: Lateral Raise 16kg; 25
B2: Upright Row 40kg; 2

C: Machine Preacher Curl, setting 55; 6-2-2

D: Rack Lockout 90kg; 5-2-2

Row 1k


A: Back Squat 135kg *11

B1: Deadlift from deficit 175kg; 35
B2: Reverse Crunch bw; 3

C: Leg Extension, setting 60; 2*20

D: Seated Leg Press, setting 126; *8

E: Calf Raise, machine setting 84; 2*20

row 500m for time


A1: CGBP 82.5kg; 55
A2: Chin-up bw+22.5kg; 5

B1: Incline DB Press 32kg; 11,12
B2: HS Row 90kh; 2*12

C: Lateral raise, front raise superset 14kg
2* (8,4)

Row 500m for time


Front Squat 100kg; 10*3 concentrating on technique and depth

Calf Raise

Shoulders + Arms

A1: Military Press 52.5kg; 9,8,8
A2: BB Curl 40kg; 310
A3: Plank 3

B1: Lateral Raise 14kg; 8,7
B2: Upright Row 40kg; 210
B3: Close grip chin-up bw; 2

C: Board Press 90kg; r-p 10-6-4

D: Preacher Machine, setting 55; r-p 6-3-2

E: Hammer Curl (Really slow tempo) 12kg; 10

Followed by 2 calf raise/plank supersets

I’m trying to increase my training density in addition to cleaning up my diet, in order to lean out. Nothing too extreme for the time being though.

18th November
Too much DOMS for normal workout - just trained calves and abs and did some cardio

19th Nov.
Still bad doms in legs, so joined my friend and did his shoulders and arms session

A: DB Shoulder Press 26kg; *8,8,8,7

B: 21’s with 30kg BB (easy)

C1: CGBP 70kg; 48
C2: Lateral Raise 10kg; 4

D1: Bent over lateral raise 12kg; 48
D2: Skullcrusher 30kg; 3

E: Preacher Machine, setting 45kg; 3*10


A1: CGBP 85kg; 55
A2: Chin-up bw+25kg; 5

B1: Incline DB Bench Press 34kg; 10,11
B2: HS Row 100kg; 10,11

C: Face Pull

D: Lateral Raise (very strict) 12kg; 11

Can’t wait to train legs at the weekend