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Lance Gave Himself Cancer?



Ridiculous. I can't tell if this guy is crazy, or genius in trying to gain media attention, either way his upcoming fight is definitely going to get more buys after this ludicrous situation.

No matter what happens to Lance, he will always be one of the greatest athletes ever in my mind.


There are people who will believe that simply because it was stated out loud. Hell, Lyle Alzado was no doctor and had half the planet believing the same. Some still believe it.

We won't be done with this stupidity until doctors are given the control again and not soccer moms and politicians.


Why would a man give himself testicular cancer? Of all the cancers out there, why give yourself the one that takes away your "manhood" and ability to have kids? I know Lance had some of his sperm frozen, but how much of an option is that for normal guy?


this is what he's talking about

Granted Sonnen has the biggest fight of his career tomorrow, he's just trying to create some buzz and get more people to watch the fight.

And its working.


Chael Sonnen (R) is one of the best trash talkers in the game.


great marketing strategy. Now people are gonna want to tune in to see him get his ass kicked and if he wins, even more people will tune in for his next fight.If he truly believed what he said, he could have kept it to himself but people will say anything for the dollars, dollars.


Lol,that dude is insane. What next? Holocaust Denying?


Man, it's like you can't believe anything Fox reports these days.


How exactly do you give yourself cancer? Is that even possible?




Let's assume for a minute that this is true (Lance gave himself cancer).

How would one begin the process of initiating cancer?
Of course we all know poor health practices are contributors, but even if you were to pinpoint a specific thing that is reputed to cause cancer, how would you know that you're be a susceptible candidate? And how do you pinpoint its location? We all know of someone who, for example, smoked like a chimney, yet lived to a ripe old age and died of something unrelated.

My wife's friend's sister just died of breast cancer at age 51. Within their family, it was assumed it was because of her nearly life-long addiction to Dr Pepper! If that is truly the case, it took YEARS for that to happen, and then for the cancer to get to a critical stage. Even if she found it early, how is there any guarantee that its management would lead to a cure?

Same thing with Lance Armstrong. If cancer is THAT easy to initiate in the body, THAT easy to manage, and THAT easy to cure, then why aren't there more "enterprising and opportunistic" people out there doing the same and capitalizing on it via success stories, law suits, etc?


The guy is obviously either insane, or just really good at generating hype for his fight, or both. The statement is ridiculous, but we are talking about it. Is anybody going to watch/buy this fight?



I'll be watching. It's a pretty stacked card with a lot of meaningful fights and guys I want to watch.


Steroids...DUUUUUUUH. Everyone knows steroids have caused every major problem in the history of the world.


Cut an opening for your balls in the microwave door, insert them, then turn it on defrost.


maybe he just wanted to have a tasty snack later...


ahh LMFAO....I'd be willing to bet that this has been done somewhere....


I can't wait to watch this fool get mangled by Silva tonight.


Cancer eh? Maybe he's on to something...

Goes outside covered in tanning oil to smoke a few packs