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Lance Armstrong

T Folk i’ve just finished reading “Its not about the bike” and would have to put it down as one of the best reads i’ve had in a long while - definately one to have a look at if you can. I’m really big on the biographies/ autobiographies at the moment - any suggestions?

“Captain Sir Richard Francis Burton” by E. Rice. You won’t believe what a T-man Burton was.

thanks zev i’ll give it a go…

Sir Richard Burton certainly was the epitome of the T-Man. If ya don’t like reading, check this flick out: “Mountains of the Moon”. Glorious movie about Sir Richard Burton’s search for the source of the Nile.

Fantastic stuff.

Lance Rocks!!!
Talk about not letting out side views limit you, and "The Magic OF Believing!"is a good book.
Anything by OGG MANDINO is great, and I am reading “The Life & Teachings of the Masters of the Far East” now.
I loved Lance’s book, and
I wanna be worthy of the tearm
like his wife one day!
Great read, Look ma two HANDS UP!!!:0)

Ah term~?