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Lance Armstrong Doing Weights


What do you think of his form on the power clean?



Didnt see any power cleans in there.

But his hang cleans were all right, no real dip at all.


No real dip defines a power clean.




His form is horrible


Are you kidding? Those were terrible.


I was actually about to post this as soon as I saw the thread title.


You see the side lunges? Yikes.


If I'm not mistaken the thing that defines a power clean is the position of the catch. ie-
clean- catch in deep front squat position.
power clean- catch with only slight dip in knees and hips.


I think you missed blacklabels point- they weren't from the floor.

He may be hell on a bicycle, but he's not impressive in that video.


Last I knew Armstrong didn't come out of retirement to become an olympic weightlifting champion.

In other words, who cares!

Does it make you feel better about yourself knowing that you are so much more athletically gifted and superior than a world class cycler?


I'm sorry, I thought this was the strength sports forum.

Someone asked about his form on cleans, which is shitty. I don't think anyone thinks they're a better athlete than him. Is he above criticism?


I am a better athlete than him.


He needs a coach


I meant everyone but you, of course.


He is still a dick.


looks like a 115 pound reverse curl to me. impressive


Looks like a pretend workout for the cameras to me.


Agreed........additionally: 'hang' beginning from above the knee(maybe the OLY peeps say @ the start of the 'second pull')


Yea thats what I meant. I mean, thats what makes power and hang cleans diffrent if im not mistaken.