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Lance Armstrong Comeback


The critics said he's too old, Lance should retire quietly they moaned. Lance Armstrong will be 38 this year & he is 8 seconds behind the the lead at the Tour de France. As a guy pushing 40 I find Lance's comeback inspiring. Why do you have to scale back your training just because you've reached a certain age?

Who says you must settle down and grow fat at some point? Lance has proven he can hang with the elite in one of the most punishing sports in the world. The Tour covers 2,300 miles of rugged terrain in 23 days.

The true test will be the beginning of the Alps on Tuesday, I expect Lance to attack then. Hell, Lance may even start the off in the Alps wearing the yellow jersey. I'll be following these mountains stages closely- the climbs are legendary and the descents are fiendish. Now go take win # 8 Lance!


Isn’t he better in the hilly sections anyway?


[quote]Therizza wrote:
Isn’t he better in the hilly sections anyway? [/quote]

Yes but so is Contador…


I would imagine for someone like Lance Armstrong, getting old and losing ability is even more excruciating than for the the rest of the planet. He has to win and so it is going to be hard to stomach when he can’t win anymore. That’s a good reason to retire as a winner but he probably can’t do it. Maybe his super mitochondria have a few more races left in them.


One thing I’ve wondered about endurance sports is the prime performance years later in life already? It seems to be with marathon runners. I’ve wondered if it takes decades of base building and slow-twitch muscle development to make the best endurance athletes?